OT clock expiring

What would have happened if the clock expire at the end of the game and chiefs hadn’t scored on that final play on 1st down?

Just keeps going right…so there’s no way there could ever be a double OT game or the clock couldn’t actually expire on the Chiefs and then lose

Very deceiving

My understanding as well. Would have gone to the “2nd Quarter”.

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If the OT clock expires, the game is over, unless they are still tied.

I’m a little confused if I am answering the question you are asking.

So if the clock expired on that last play and KC had the ball 2nd down and goal

The game woulda been over?

That can’t be

Idk that entire sequence was weird

Yep I think that’s accurate.


They mentioned in game just end of quarter. So i guess flipped sides of field.

Romo mentioned it at the end, which was new to me, but makes sense being the playoffs. Both teams got the ball once(barring a defensive TD) so KC was in no rush, they got the full possession. No concern about time

That can’t be or else KC would have had much more urgency to score before the clock expired…I guess it would have just gone to another quarter .I don’t know, having a clock in playoff OT makes no sense to me.

OT is a new game, so end of 1st quarter.

The 2nd quarter (if the game lasts) would still have 2 min. warning and a half time break, but a shorter one than normal half time break. Then 3rd quarter, and 4th quarter.

Would they have made Usher come out and sweat all over the field again?


Yep I get it.

The time in overtime is essentially irrelevant

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Everything gets sped up, so Reba would re-sing the anthem in the style of the radio disclaimer guy, then Little John would roll by on a motorized skateboard and say YEEEEAAAH, then UHHHH-HUH!, End Of Show. THEN 2 crappy Tmobile commercials would have been spliced into 10 seconds of nails on a chalkboard, Romo would get 5 seconds and the 3rd quarter begins.

Check the rulebook.

Speaking of Tony Romo and nails on a chalkboard…

I had zero appreciation for him in that broadcast.

Cringe Wince GIF

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My understanding is that at that point, the NFL just gives the SB win to the Lions since we shoulda’ beat one of the teams that was there two weeks ago and thereby woulda’ beat the other team in red! :rofl:

I must say i don’t understand the KC use of the clock there at all. The clock mgt at the end of the game was horrendous. They had first down and four shots to score and let it come down to one???

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