OT: How's this for a bad beat in Fantasy Football Week 1?

My QB this year is Aaron Rodgers. Yes, I threw up in my mouth a little when I picked him. But hey, fresh off an MVP season, right?

He gives me a grand total of 1.2 points, while my opponent gets Stafford’s 24+.

But, because I’m pretty damn good at Fantasy, I still have a shot. The only one with a player going Monday night is me, and it’s Darren Waller. But I need him to go off – a ton of yards and at least one TD.

And he does it! Carr targets him like 20 times, and he gets over 100 yards receiving. And late in the game, he finally gets the TD!

I’m now down by 2 points. One more decent reception and I win!

And I wait … and wait … and wait … and it never comes. But the game is still in the balance, so the Raiders will still be throwing. Oh no! They’re down to the half-yard-line for the winning TD! No throws!

BUT WAIT! A false start penalty moves them back! Waller’s in play! Carr throws an INT.

BUT WAIT! The game’s going to overtime! The guy Carr targeted 20 times is surely getting one throw in OT! Vic-to-ry!!

Carr throws the ball all over the place in OT. And not once to Waller.


To be clear, this loss is on Rodgers. Where in the hell did that performance come from?

He’s certainly likely to get right against the Lions’ defense this week. If he doesn’t, my fantasy season is screwed immediately.

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That’s what you get for drafting the drama Queen! But, don’t worry he’ll have 400 yards and 5 TD’s next week. ha ha

The Lions D couldn’t stop a top college offense.

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Oh, I hated it. I don’t think I’ve ever had him as my QB in my life. But I pick my QB later than a lot of people in my league, and he was a clear tier above anybody left by the time I got around to it. Well, supposedly, anyway. Until he retired last week, while playing.

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Peyton and Eli were making fun of the Bryan Edwards kid that stole the show at the end of the game and overtime. He kept getting catch after catch and one of them said something like “so you can’t get open all game and suddenly at the end of the game you are Jerry Rice!”

Its not the exact reference they made but its the best I can recall right now.

Edwards looks way better than Ruggs.

The worst fantasy bad beat I ever had was when I lost by .2 points (the league had fractional point totals) because Deshaun Watson kneeled twice to end the game and lost 4 rushing yards off his total.

Below is a recreation of my reaction that day…

Meme Reaction GIF


I was playing against a guy that had DeSean Jackson that time in his rookie year where he dropped the ball just short of the endzone in celebration of a NOT touchdown! I ended up squeaking by and winning because of that play.

The method of scoring has changed a little bit but years ago you used to lose points for “fumbles” regardless of who recovered it. Mike Vick had this bad habit of taking off running, and right as he was about to get out of bounds the ball would go flying out of his hands. Some of these were called fumbles even though they just kind of bounced out of bounds with no real chance of anyone recovering it. I got hit with 2 of those in one game and it ended up being the difference in a loss for me.

One more :laughing: . Me and my brother were partners is a big money league ($250 buy in). We had Kurt Warner. This was a league that penalized you for getting sacked. Kurt comes into the game…gets sacked twice…loses a fumble…then leaves the game injured. So he ended the game with a negative value. We would have been better off forgetting to set our lineup than starting Kurt Warner. :rofl:

I have Rodgers in a league as well…was brutal. That being said, i expect him to thro 6-8 tds this week against detroit…

After the Ravens went up by 3 with 32 seconds left, I was up by .5. I had Lamar so I only needed the game to end. Of course the raiders drove with no timeouts to tie it in a 55 yard FG

Well at least the Raiders won the toss, they just needed to end the game by scoring a TD. Which it looked liked they did on that long pass. Hand shakes and hugs were given, I breathed a sigh of relief.

Except of course he was short. Well surely the Raiders could score from the half yard line. The sneak came close, then the false start penalty, then the pick… sheesh.

Well still, I only needed Lamar to avoid committing a turnover, something he’d done on 9 of ten drives. Or get enough points to make it moot. Of course we all know what happened next. I lost by 1.5. One of the worst beats I’ve ever taken in fantasy.

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I lost the regular season championship in my league one year – a decent chunk of money – because I lost the head-to-head matchup with the other guy by 5 points. I had Gurley in that game, and that was the week he did this:

Todd Gurley stops short of end zone to ice the game - YouTube

Later made even harder to take, because Gurley is also the guy who did this, allowing the Lions a 23-22 last-second win:

Todd Gurley Accidentally Scores a Touchdown | NFL Week 7 - YouTube

I went into my week 13 matchup back in 2018 needing a win to get into the playoffs, as did the owner playing me. (I was 7th ranked, he was 6th ranked)
I ended up getting the win by just over a point… or so I thought…
Tuesday rolls around and they gave the opposing team a stat correction on a blocked punt returned for a TD… he wins :pensive:
I still get tortured for that.

You are making me remember a stat correction incident in me and my brother’s league. I can’t remember what exactly it was…but it involved Big Ben. We lost the week but the stat correction would have given us the win. The commish said the results recorded before the corrections would be final in our league…regardless of stat corrections. In that league every win mattered because it was best record wins the championship…there were no playoffs.

Money league fantasy Super Bowl I’m going for the threepeat in this league.

It’s about one minute left in the 4th quarter and my opponent is up 7 points with the falcons kicker and all I have left is is San Francisco’s defense.

The Falcons are driving and have the ball in the red zone but San Francisco is winning… This is a very key point for what happens next. Looks like I’m gonna get screwed.

Then this happens

2 points for the pic and instead of simply laying down or going out of bounds and letting the offense run out the clock, big fat Navarro Bowman chugs 90 yd to get me my pick 6. Game over, win by 1 point. cash money 3peat


I lost on the last play from scrimmage of the day 3 consecutive times last year.

Derrick Henry game icing TD.

Kenyan Drake running a 71 yard touchdown when the Cardinals should’ve just kneeled it.

Justin Herbert running for like 6 yards.

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A friend of mine once lost because an idp missed an extra point. That idp? Ndamukong Suh.


Not me but this guy had Carr and won by .08. Other team probably thoughtt it was over at least 3 times. Of course neither team deserved to win. I had 30 points more than either of them and lost.

One league I just picked players the lion’s were playing. It’s a win, win for me. If the player/players go off it’s a good day and if they don’t it’s probably a good day for the lion’s.