OT-Karem Hunt

Pulled over last week in Ohio for speeding, police found open vodka and weed in the car, cops let him go and seized the weed. Hunt admitted to the cop he would fail am NFL drug test… So glad we passed on him

He lied and STILL get off bc the cop is “one of the hugest Browns fans ever”. Random drug test from the NFL in 3…2…1…

Can they do a random drug test during the offseason?

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Oh wow… not speeding and weed. Thank god we passed on him. He cost absolutely nothing and would be the best RB the Lions have had since Barry.

These guys aren’t choir boys. Hunt probably won’t receive any sort of discipline for this because it’s a non issue.


Thank god the 3 win Lions didn’t sign Hunt for 1 year $800k. SO GLAD!!!


…hard to argue that.

But all it got the Browns was a lower draft pick right?

It’s still bad for the image of the NFL, they’re will be repercussions.

But yeah, still should have signed him.

I agree with this!

Pretty sure lot’s of Lions players smoke weed as well!

No big deal to me

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I know, man. I would have taken the kid in a minute. But, look who runs things.

So you’re telling me a fat dude named Snacks doesn’t hit the bong…


I doubt weed is even an issue after the next CBA.

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Not really.

Hunt’s post-suspension 2019:

43 carries 179 yards 2 TDs.
37 receptions 285 yards 1 TD.

Nick Chubb’s 2019:

298 carries 1494 yards 8 TDs
36 receptions 278 yards 0 TDs

Hunt wasn’t much of a factor in 2019.

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Ya… KC dumped him and they are in the Superbowl. Haaaaaa


Seriously vodka and weed?

I guess he actually has to kill somebody before that’s a seriously anti-social thing to do. Nothing to see here. Have a good season Kareem! Hey can you sign my ticket pad, you know for my kid.

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If the NFL was smart, they’d try to get to a “don’t ask, don’t tell” place. Eliminate random tests, but reserve the right to test for cause.

The NFL doesn’t really want the press of positive tests, they just don’t want the anti drug folks to have their undies on a bunch either. The best outcome for them would be to look the other way unless it was a public embarrassment.

I’m cool with the idea that Iggy stated … that no one is perfect… as no one is.

But, hunt is still wrong. Period. You want to smoke and drink don’t fucking drive. You are taking a huge, selfish risk at the expense of the lives of those around on the road. Kind of like taking the risk to drive a helicopter in server limited weather because your in a hurry and killing everyone.

The weed and drink is fine if you are not addicted but driving as well … no. The cop should have hit it up with some level do a ticketable offense. Even one that he could had had suspended by coming to court and showing remorse or action.

Can’t condone anyone driving under the influence of any mind altering shit… sry.


I couldn’t agree more. These guys bodies take a tremendous beating. If smoking a little weed relieves that pain instead of taking addicting pain killers I am all for it. Many states are allowing it for recreational purposes, I don’t know how the NFL can supercede that for long. (Ya I know it is still against the federal law).
How is it different than allowing alcohol. IF players don’t break laws while doing whatever so be it. If they break laws while doing it then fines and suspensions are warranted. If it affects their play they will end up out of the league and maybe get a job flipping burgers.
Unfortunately, I think the league bases many of it’s decisions on gamblers whether it be Vegas or Fantasy football. So even though I am for it I don’t want the star player on a team I am betting on to be stoned or drunk at game time.
I want Jameis Winston tested…does he know who he is supposed to be throwing to? https://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/player-stat/passing-plays-intercepted Just poking fun.

Hunt continues to be a troglodytic shithead…Hard Pass. He’s gonna end up like Reggie Rogers or Rapelisberger.

Beyond that, the guy hasn’t apparently learned anything from his prior suspension. You’d think he’d be on his best behavior in an effort to revive his career and avoid becoming the next Lawrence Phillips.

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He needs rehab imho