OT: NFL Network personnel changes

GMFB moving to LA, coming back this summer which is a little surprising to see them skip the draft. Now this comes out:


A source told me it’s not yet known if any or all four cast members will be making the move to L.A. Erdahl, Brandt, McCourty and Schrager have been invited to join the new iteration of the show on the West Coast, but no decisions have been made by any cast members. A source indicated that the cast found out about the show moving nearly 3,000 miles away not long before the story was broken Wednesday morning by Sports Business Journal.

That means the NFL Network is prepared to move forward with the show whether any of the cast members move to L.A. or not.

This is problematic for several reasons. The cast is being asked to uproot their lives and move their families across the country. If any of the hosts decide not to make the move, the NFL Network will just plug new people into their roles. That’s harsh and shortsighted. A huge reason why any show succeeds is chemistry. Good Morning Football has it. The immensely likable cast has a connection with its viewers. That is not something that should be taken for granted in this day and age of media oversaturation. Maybe things will work out and all four cast members will stay with the show. Hopefully, that’s what happens and the only thing that’s different about GMFB is the vibe by being out in L.A. instead of New York City. But maybe not. And that’s the biggest bummer in all of this.

The show has gotten lucky because it has had to replace original cast members, Nate Burleson and Kay Adams, over the years, and the changes ended up working out as well as could be expected with McCourty and Erdahl seamlessly fitting in. But that doesn’t mean swapping out cast members will work again. It’s also a crummy way to treat people, but sadly that’s the sports media business.

Sources also indicated that there’s a strong chance the show will get cut from three hours to two and air from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. ET. This means the cast will be live on the air at 5 a.m. local time each day. Ouch.

I feel like there is some low hanging cost saving fruit if they leverage Zoom (or whatever video conferencing technologies) like cable news has done.

So much of entertainment is a clusterf$ck now. And it’s just going to get worse. First it was print. Then it was albums/recorded music. Now it’s television and cinema. The internet is a soulless succubus that will be the end of us all.

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There is just a zillion options for fans to choose from when it comes to nfl coverage… not really surprising many big networks have had to downsize staff.

Cable, as we knew it, is dying a slow death as a result. There’s just so many options with streaming, podcasts, youtube channels etc. that cable is becoming obselete. I still have it because I negotiated a bargain deal for the cable/internet/phone package but more and more people are cancelling and are just streaming now. These big networks like ESPN and NFL Network to a lesser extent are suffering as a result.

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Good points… and personally I prefer listening to podcasts with former nfl players that aren’t told what to say like on the big networks. Get a lot more authentic takes than ESPN or NFL network

GMFB is the one show I watch or have on in the background every am. The show was fantastic with Kaye/Nate and is still solid with the replacements.

Going from 3hours to two hours isn’t an issue as it always seemed as one of the three hours was a repeat anyways.

One can only hope.


Crazy to think that Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith likely BOTH dwarf the salaries of the entire host crew on GMFB… :face_vomiting:

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I know they are just playing characters for the cameras… essentially actors but I literally can’t stand those guys. Immediate headache and heartburn… just yelling at each other and talking over each other. Terrible. 0 stars

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I would laugh my ass off if another network swooped in and hired Shrager, Brandt, McCourty, and entire production crew that got fired by NFL Network… and made a similar show to compete with GMFB.

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