OTC Compensatory Pick Analysis - Crazy Kwesi

Nick does an analysis of next years compensatory pick projection. Kwesi ■■■■■■ up and lost a 3rd for Hunter. Lions are mentioned, but we’d have had to NOT sign two of Robertson, Zeitler Reader and Davenport in order to get a 4th for Jonah. Some other things also.

The league should give the Saints a free comp pick for signing Will Harris. He is going to single handedly increase scoring in the NFC South, making the games more enjoyable to the casual fan.


Would rather have all four FAs signed than a comp pick.


Technically we just needed to sign Ertz to the active roster.

When we got a gift handed to us right before SF game.

And then not sign 1 of those guys to get a 3rd/4th.

You mentioned before this was a mistake by our Brad/Dan… I agree it was.

Oh well, we should play the game next year and get a few

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