Other Sunday Games

Packers are without their two best playmakers against the Arthur Smith Cro-magnons.


Go Cro-Magnons! Beat the Cheesenadrathals.

Wait, theres other games?

KC @ Jax intrigues me.


Bucs very likely 2-0 after today, same with the saints against the panthers tmrw

Falcons have a shot to beat the packers today, NFC south could be 2-0 except for panthers who could be 0-2, division will be interesting to watch

Yes, but nobody watches them.

I think the Bears can beat the Bucs but to do so they have to lean in to Justin Fields running the ball. That’s the conundrum they find themselves in. If they want to try to develop him as a passer it’s going to be a long road and some guys might get fired. If they try and win as many games as possible then they push any potential development down the road.

The additional problem with the latter approach is it pushes one of their two picks down in the draft. It probably would behoove them to commit to sucking one more year but that’s a tough sell when million dollar salaries are on the line.

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I will have four games going at 1pm.
Lions on big monitor

Then last screen will be rotating between
Red Zone
Balt/Cinci…Will Burrows look better
Bills, how many turnovers for Allen today?

Rams/49ers on big screen

Some good games today.