Other than quarterback, what position do the Falcons need to address during the off-season?

I think the Falcons need help at the wide receiver receiver position. They also need a pass rusher. It’s true that the Falcons have a drake London, but London isn’t a speed guy. They need somebody like Xavier, Legette, or Xavier Worthy. They also need a pass rusher to go on a defensive line to put pressure on opposing quarterbacks right now they don’t have that pass rusher so other than quarterback, I think, wide receiver and pass rusher are key positions that they need to improve the team

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Have lived in the Atlanta area for almost 28yrs, still can’t cheer for the Falcons although aggressively cheer against the Braves, lol.

However, go Dawgs!!!(live near Athens for 28yrs).

Did we just become a Falcons forum?

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Hey, knock it off, he is the opening act of @Nate creating a forum beyond the Lions only board.

Plus, I live in ATL area and openly cheer for all atl teams to win their conferences, then, they typically choke. See Braves of mid 90’s.


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I actually think you need more of a route technician and/or YAC at WR. The Rams were all about route technicians while the Niners want YAC, and that’s the system Robinson runs.

So McConkey, Corley, McMillan, Thrash, Pearsall. That type of guy.

I think if you switch back to a 4-3 Ebikitie, Harrison, Malone, Dupree and Carter is at least a passable edge unit (I think Ebikitie will be MUCH better as a 4-3 end). At least enough so that you don’t have to draft one in the 1st, though certainly if the right guy was available that would be fine too.

I actually think the interior of the DL is more of an issue. Campbell’s a FA and likely gone, and while Jarrett and Onyemata are still pretty good, they’re both getting up there and there’s very little behind them. And Jarrett is coming off the injury too, and while I don’t think it will happen, it’s possible you cut him this offseason ($12M in savings). If not I’m pretty sure he’ll be gone next year, when he’ll save the team $16M. So as far as biggest need, I might go that route.

That said next year’s DT class is one of the best, while this year’s is not so great. If you can kick it down the road another year it might work out better in the long run.

They need both IMO. Don’t love the way Pitts and London’s strengths overlap.

Is that why we have all them different war room options?

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Can we get some version of Sunday Ticket Red Zone in which we can read @nate losing his mind on all of the game threads nationally?

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The Falcon forum part of the site did

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Godfather doesn’t care enough about other games → He’s ours & ours only!

First we trade them Okudah. Then they steal Calais Campbell from us in free agency… now this!?

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And a Green Bay forum.

I went thru jump school during Summer months down that way (Ft Benning). The bugs are nutz…and huge.

yea, that is almost three hours southwest of us iirc.

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