Our "1st" team offense

The following players were taken in the 1st round:

Goff, Gibbs, LaPorta, Sewell, Ragnow, Decker, Jamo

7 of our 11 starters on offense (post suspension) are 1st round picks. All 7 are under contract through 2024.

It should be a fun season !!


LaPorta was pick #34, rounding up?? :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


Maybe the NFL added 2 teams that we don’t know about :joy::joy:


Some on here predraft said, sign defensive players in FA and draft offense because it is cheaper. Don’t know how true that is but it sounds like good logic.


6 out of 11 are 1st rounders (as mentioned). If Gibbs starts.

But…add to that Jonah Jackson, LaPorta, David Montgomery and Glasgow (if he wins the starting ROG job) meaning only Amon Ra and 2nd TE/3rd WR were not 3rd rd or higher,

To the original point that is a LOT of offensive v investment. This the question has been have we helped the D enough?

I think the only question on defense is the middle of the DL, rest of the positions have been addressed.

We’ve been told by a few posters that have connections the Lions really like their DL and the combinations they can utilize them in. Time will tell.

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makes me think of one of my favorite commercials ever…

“crose enough!!!”. :laughing::laughing::laughing:


I think the DL will be a big improvement it was the last half of last season. We won games with a secondary that sucked. The DL grew up an blended last half we have them back. Plus we have Harris an Romeo back from injury . The DL also now has a secondary an LB corp that helps.

This DL is going to be good. Don’t under estimate Buggs an the weight lose from McNeal. Pascal has healed also an showed near end of season his ability . We will be able to rotate an keep fresh solid players on the field that always helps.


That’s certainly not from a lack of investment at that position though. Two second rounders, some FAs, and now BroMart…they’re definitely TRYING there.

They need to throw some money at this kid, now. Make him know he’s appreciated.
I know it kind of defeats the purpose, but, he’s a Top 10 receiver and the face of the team. He deserves to know he’s wanted here.

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LOL !! It appears the Honolulu blue koolaid has effected my math skills.

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