Our buddy David on...Goff

It’s been at least a couple days since anyone has lit the fuse. Well, we can’t have that.
David makes a compelling case for Goff, and, he does it with stats from his last year in LA and his first year in Detroit.
I really think this could turn into a great conversation…
Or a train wreck.:laughing:


It’s not gonna change anybody’s mind. Good or bad people feel how they feel about Goff and nothing is gonna change the way they think. At the end of the season, one way or the other, there will be a “See, told ya”


Matts 2020 QBR was 96.3, with a better supporting cast than Goff had in 21.
4,084, 26 tds, 10 ints.
Just to sweeten the pot.

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This is true of every opinion held by everyone in the world.


wasn’t he changing the name of his podcast to Pride or Die?

Not totally sure what that means?
From a stat standpoint, forgetting the names, we had a better QB in 21, than we had in 20, although, we had a much better team in 20.
Then, consider our 2020 QB won the Super Bowl in 21.
What does it mean?
One thing, Von Miller and OBJ put the Rams over the top. Not Matt.

Goff will be what he is. This year will likely tell me everything I need to know. If he balls out, excellent. If not, what will be the cap hit? I kind of give him the free pass last year because (if I remember right) we were going to have to use him this year due to cap numbers. I think (my memory is fuzzy on this side of 50) that we could move on next year if we need to. I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong.

So, assuming my memory is still functioning, we get a whole season to evaluate this offense and his performance in it. I am hoping he really steps up and shows that he can get the job done.


I have a feeling Goff is going to have a decent season, much better than last year, but still middle of the pack overall when it comes to QB’s and we will be having the same predraft debate next year, mark your calendars from Jan-April, 2023. ha ha


One thing we know for certain. Goff is either going to be elite, very good, average, below average or terrible.

And anyone who thinks otherwise just doesn’t understand football


What about mediocre, you missed one!

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This helped too. :bomb: :bomb: :bomb:


ain’t that just a fancy pants word fer average?


In every game the Rams had the best offensive player, the best defensive player, the best coach.

Matt Stafford was none of these, although still a very good QB.


If you’re going to show the interception the 49ers dropped you should probably show the interception the rams dropped too. It works both ways.


See this is where the conversation is gonna take another left turn…OBJ didn’t even finish the game, Matt did. We really shouldn’t even be talking about this. Let’s just keep this to Goff…please?


He makes that INT and we could possibly be having a completely different discussion.

Stafford threw a pair of picks in the Superbowl and should have had a pair of picks in the NFC championship game (after throwing only 1 in the Tampa Bay game).

If Rams got bounced in the NFC championship game, the fans would have been all over the staff for giving up 1st rounders and doing no better than they did with Goff.

But, the guy didn’t make the pick and the Rams went on to win it all. Detroit ended up with Goff & Jamo and Rams got their trophy. Looking like a win-win so far.


Stafford is a risk taker and is far from perfect but I still wouldn’t discount the role he played in the rams super bowl run. I don’t think the rams beat Tampa bay with any other quarterbacks outside of mahomes, Allen and Rogers.


If he doesn’t drop that pick and the 9ers lose it doesn’t change our second pick that much. we still probably make the same trade

But it would have driven Stafford to be better this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a down year since he already got his ring and the Lions get a pick in the late teens now