Our Defense is Being Criminally Underrated

I’m tired of being conservative based off the past. We have legitimate talent on this defense and I believe we finish top 5 in the league. Seems like most analysts think we are more towards the bottom half of the league.

Reader is a stud and one of the best NTs in the league. McNeil played at a borderline pro bowl level last year and supposedly taken another step forward and has one of the best DLine coaches in the league now. Hutch literally has DPOY potential. The other edge spot has three different guys who could have a serious impact this year in Davenport, Houston, or Paschal. Guys like Levi, Cominsky, Martin, and Wingo are still a very solid rotation to round out the depth chart.

I personally think you would be hard pressed to find 5 or 6 DLines better as a whole in the entire league.

Our LB’er group has a steady veteran and a potential stud. Anzalone was playing at a borderline elite level for a good portion of last season before he got hurt. Jack has upside to be one of the best LBers in the league. Throw in guys like Barnes, M-Rod and JRM and we have a very deep group. In Campbell emerges, we will have one of the better LB’er groups in the league.

No team overhauled their CB group as much as we did. We added a proven starter in Davis, who has put plenty of high end CB1 play on tape. Even if he can’t get back to that form, I still expect a very solid starting CB. Arnold has been hyped early and its tough to doubt it with his skillset and personality. If he isn’t ready, Amik Robertson can step in. Statistically, he played like a top 15 outside CB after the Raiders moved him outside last year. You also have Mosely, who most had as a top 20 CB prior to his injury. There is a ton of competition here and if someone falters, there is multiple options. Thats without even mentioning Rakestraw.

Branch was spectacuar last year and I expect him to be even better this year. He is an all pro caliber player who has a nose for making impact plays. Not trying to overhype the kid, but the way he flies around out there I get Polamalu vibes.

As good as Branch was, its hard to say that Iffy wasn’t just as good when he got on the field. I feel like there is likely to be regression there, but what if there isn’t? Then you get to Kerby Joseph, who has to be licking his chop at the upgrades on the DLine and at CB. He will be given a ton more freedom this year, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he battled for the league lead in INTs.

I have a hard time believing I’m not looking at a top 5 secondary next year, with potential to even be the best if Arnold has a Sauce Gardner type rookie season.

This is a top 3 offense and top 5 defense. Hell, if we can get our kicker situation straightened out, we probably have a top 5 ST unit.

This team is Superbowl bound, IMO. The train is coming and there ain’t nobody going to derail it.


I love your posts and optimism

But…I think we need to be realistic about our secondary.

Even if they are Top 20 or Top 15, that means Super Bowl IMO

As much as I love our guys back there, and the overhaul we did

I’m not expecting Top 5.

Too young…need time to gel also

That being said, I’ll gladly eat three plates of crow if I’m wrong


I’m in your camp.

I’m not going to get too excited until I see it. 3 of first 4 games vs:

Stafford = 367 yards last year in playoffs
Mayfield = 349 yards last year in playoffs
Geno = 328 yards last year

Let’s see where we are at after the bye week.


I think so too. Let the talking heads talk their talk all offseason. The world will find out.


Teams though knew they weren’t going to run against us. Detroit was second in limiting opponents rushing yards per game. And a good chunk of that was QB scrambles.

So alot of those yards are eye popping but also symptomatic of teams probably dropping back more against us than normal


I think they’re on the right track, but they’re still in prove-it mode


100% on board. Completely agree.

You speak my language, brother.


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I’d settle for a top 15 defense. :laughing:





The defense is going to rank higher than the offense, 57.

Wanna bet? :wink: I’ll bet 1 billion doll hairs the offense is better.


I think against run we were fith that is very good not lets see if we improved that against run. Oh yes we added one of best NTs in league Reader oh wait we added a DE that was a number one pick had very good year that bounced around couple seasons not very good . But wait he comes to play for couple of coaches who know him an his play. The HC an the DC. We added a rookie who many thought was a rd 3 pick . So we added an we were fifth in league against run .

Now lets look at secondary it sucked last season except at nickle an safety, we added four not one or two four CBs an full time starter an quality starter an to high ranked CB’s many had both as rd 1 we got the high ranked rd 1 an the other rd one in second rd. We have a solid CB coming back who suffered two season one each knee injury.We have a starting CB coming off two season injury 1 knee each year if he stays healthy we will have quality starts sitting on bench.

This Defence is really improved an it was #5 against run now we improved it more an really improves are pass defence. To many Lion fans are afraid to tell truth they have ate crow for so many years not they are afraid.

Barring a ton of injuries the Lions will dominate on all 3 levels D O ST This roster right now is loaded an they will likely add couple more quality players. I will also warn fans to get ready to whine when you see some of the players we release. The LB we released was claimed by Patriots just other day an teams are at 90 players an he got claimed.


AG has a test to see who gets that last linebacker position


Lol I heard he’s more of a duck, duck, goose kinda coach.

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I would love if he continued his play from last year. I just think it’s going tough to follow up that level of play. He literally went from an afterthought, to playing like a game changing all pro safety.

hey let them underestimate and doubt our defensive group…then let our opponents get burned.

At outside CB we have 4-5 legit starting options. Even if Arnold isn’t ready, having Carlton Davis, Emmanuel Moseley, and Amik Robertson as the top 3 outside CBs is still a middle of the pack group. Anything we get from Arnold/Rakestraw is just a plus. With that said, I think Arnold could have a huge year 1 impact.

PFF had Branch 12th and Davis 22nd in their CB rankings.

I truly believe that the CB play is going to free up Kerby to have a massive year.

Maybe I’m drinking the kool aid, but I look over this defensive roster and I just don’t think I am.

There is at least 6-7 players on this defensive roster that legitimately wouldn’t surprise me if they made the pro bowl.


I don’t think it’s far fetched to say Anzalone, Iffy, and Arnold have outside shots as well.

Now they all won’t make it of course, but would any of those guys making the pro bowl surprise you? This defense is just loaded with talent and if AG is as good as Campbell believes he is, there is no reason they aren’t among the best in the league.


Anything we get from Moseley is a plus

CD3 > Sutton
Branch year 2 +
Arnold +
Amik > Jacobs
Rakestraw > Doink

Moseley …save him for the playoff run PUP him

We’ve definitely improved.

But I think we will take some lumps there as our guys are learning and adjusting.

CB is difficult position as a rookie

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Until the defense does something they will be less than.

How can you underrate a squad that has been marginal at best overall.

Do I think they could take a serious jump forward? Absolutely. But then need to do it first

BTW I am here for these guys. I believe they could be on the verge of being of being top 15 for sure. But it is fair to say that they have to show it. It was the same for Ben and the Offense. Once they did it last year, we are now all super confident that this offense will be top 5 this season.

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I just hope NFL Offensive Coordinators think the same way, but, I seriously doubt that they do.

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