Our DeLine!

Loved our defensive effort last night! 6 sacks, tons of QB pressure! Well done. Not a lot to bitch about, but I will.

I just re-watched the game, and the Raider TD drive near the end of the 1st half had me wishing we drafted Jalen Carter, or even his other alum teammate, Jordan Davis. I just think we are a touch light in the middle. Come on, they ran the ball straight up the middle the entire drive!!! 6,7,8 yards a pop!

Please tell me to put the crack pipe down.

Yea that drive sucked. But the Lions run defense this year has been very good. Think it’s top 10 in the nfl

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We do not show up on Dline when playing a better offensive line. I just can’t believe we didn’t make a move for someone to plug and play in this Dline.

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