Our next OC?

If Ben goes, most people here assume Engstrom (our passing game coordinator) will get the nod for OC (or at least after Dan gets another round of play-calling). Now Engstrom is in line for the Pat’s OC. And its been reported that Ben wants to take Hank Fraley, our OL coach.

What if both things are slated to happen (losing both Engstrom and Fraley). Would you pre-empt it with an offer to either one of them?

If not, who is your next candidate? Scottie Mongomery? Yikes.

Can’t have him! NO!


Who the ■■■■ is Eggstorm?

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There’s got to be an understanding already in place.


It’s Paul Chryst. Dan just doesn’t know it yet.

Christ, who is he?


He’s very intelligent and creative…

Sorry Excuse Me GIF by Travis

but I think he would crack under any kind of pressure.

He’s hard boiled. :laughing:

:man_shrugging: Never got close enough to find out. Wears sandals. Think he might be a hippy.


Curious what he benches. He yolked.


no beans if he moves on. he’s full of egg white.

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Hear he may be a little scrambled for an OC

And his brains been scrambled. He really can’t handle the heat. You beat me Natty… haha

This is almost as fun as Corn Elder.

Just getting started bro!

What came first? The chicken or the Eggstorm?

I was getting into it with a guy over this the other day. MF’r sitting there making fun of me for having chicken wings for breakfast…when he’s having eggs. GD hypocrite .

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Natty I knew you were cool… but that’s next level shit. Buffalo wings for breakfast.

GIF by 8it

might be an egghead…