Our OL: more than you think

At long last, our starting OL played a regular season game together. First time ever. Let’s review how they did:

  • Goff was sacked only once.
  • Very few (only one I can remember) negative yard plays in the run game
  • Game-clinching drive when we needed it

But, the biggest thing is that our OL is forcing bad decisions by the other team. How? In the post-game interview, Andy Reid was asked why he went for it on 4th and 20 and then even 4th and 25 with three time-outs left…Andy said, I felt we needed to do that…They showed that they could drive on us…

Big V was particularly effective. Its great to have them all healthy for once.


I felt like we were running the ball very well early and we kinda got away from it. Got pass heavy in the middle of the game a bit. Then came back to run and closed it out strong in the 4th. Monty didn’t break any big ones but he does move the chains, runs real hard.

I noticed that too. I was confused why they went away from the run game for so long in the middle of the game.

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In a thread somewhere last night, when someone asked why Andy went for, I responded because he knew he wasn’t getting the ball back if they punted.

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And Andy agreed with you. good call by you.

He’s basically weighing converting on 4th and 25 vs. getting a three-and-out against our OL. Speaks volumes that he’d rather try to convert a 4th and 25.


The winning touchdown was a thing of beauty. If you rewind that play and focus on each individual they executed it perfect. Sewell blocks two people, Jackson pulls and makes a perfect block and LaPorta pulls and at full speed makes a great block.

It looks like the same play they ran earlier when Gibbs missed the hole.


These stats also show how effective our OL was. We did it even though the Chiefs were loading the box. And we did it particularly well on late downs and in the red zone. This explains why Reid had to go for it on 4th and 25 rather than try to get his defense to stop us. While we didn’t have gaudy rushing stats in terms of total yards or YPC, they really could not stop us, especially when it mattered.

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