Our safeties and nickels

Kerby Joseph
Chauncey Gardner Johnson
Brian Branch
Tracy Walker

Would you trade this group for any other team’s top four safeties/nickels? If so, which four?




Stacked group, Iffy is about 5th on the depth chart at safety it appears.


and I thought Brandon Joseph was a nice pickup, but there’s no way he makes the 53.


Everyone forgets about WHarris.


Edited as i believe it is more this than people forgetting about him


… tries to forget…
…needs to forget…
…hopes to forget…
…loves to forget…
about Will Harris. kidding, not kidding…

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Will Harris is big part of Lion secondary. One you forgot is Smith who is pushing for a spot also.

The good thing is we do have depth an some will be hard cuts.

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The top 10 right now is VERY solid.
CJGJ Branch
Mosley Jacobs
Sutton Thomas
Walker Harris
Joseph Melif.

Like thats a VERY solid group.
Especially since that means most likely
Lucas, Smith, Breeze, Gilmore, Dorsey, B Joseph will be waived.

Pretty sure thats not to far off the starting line up a few games last year.

there will be some cuts who we lose from that group for sure. but honestly, when i look at CB in isolation, i still don’t see a pro-bowler. With safety/nickel i see three potential pro-bowlers.

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Don’t need pro bowlers an your judging based on what? Todays joint practice are likely starting corner shut Giants down. Sutton never allowed any completed passes. Now I know its practice so we shouldn’t judge him or anyone. Just be happy the staff fixed what was bad secondary to very good secondary or at least right now we think will be .

I’m Gary *


Absolutely. I’m very happy with what we have in our overall secondary. The point was that at safety/nickel, we may be the best in the league.

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We definitely have the best nickel group in the league. CJGJ and Branch beat anyone out there that I can think of quickly. That’s not even counting the fact that Sutton can play inside too, but I bet he sees at least 80% of his snaps outside due to the fact that that’s where we’ll need him a lot more.

Overall secondary I’d probably trade us for the Dolphins. Ramsey, Howard, and Jevon Holland are all good to really good. I think we have more depth but they have more top end talent. Same for the Jets, who I’d also probably trade us for.

Other than that I can’t really think of anyone. Who’s secondary is better than ours?

The Eagles still have Slay and Bradberry but who are their safeties and nickels now?

The Broncos have PS2 and Justin Simmons who are both good but what other than that?

The Bills have the best safety tandem in the league and Tre’Davious White but one of those guys is seemingly always hurt.

The 49ers? I feel like they’re all a product of the front 7 in front of them.


Assuming the outside corners don’t totally suck we might have a top 5 secondary in this league.

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Brian Branch > Tracey Walker

Tracey & Will Harris nice depth at S & NB


I’ll take our top 3 vs anybody. That’s certified


I hope Kirby continues to develop, definitely some area for improvement and we shall see how much he has done this season.

Yes, probably the Broncos and Dolphins if you’re talking about overall secondaries. But I’d say no to each if its only the safeties and nickel.

According to this piece of garbage, 21 other secondaries are better than ours. LOL.

You could be right. Do we want to start a rookie vs Mahomes!? Tough call. Branch has that playmaker in him and was always around the football at Bama.

Walker has been decent in his career, but not really a playmaker. Kerby had more INT’s last year than Walker has in 5 years. Walker also played 3 years for an absolutely terrible coaching staff so that could have been a factor in his development.