Our small contribution wr; DPJ

Love this guy slowly making an impact….

And I have no clue how his blocking is


His clutch plays per total plays made has to be by far the highest on the team.


I think he’s played well and deserves more playing time.


His few catches have been key I think at least two for important first downs . He is slowly fitting in.


I would say play him more, if the Lions didn’t already have so many solid options on offense that can make a play at any given moment

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The receiver I’d really like to see get more touches is Kalif. Good hands, good routes, fearless, a little wiggle, and legit 4.34 speed. Get him the ball moving forward, pls!


What also crazy about DPJ is he is already ninth (tied with C Reynolds with five receptions) overall …. And other WR RB and TE

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Leaf is an odd situation. He’s good at separation, he’s good after the catch and you’d think he’d translate that to more yards but he never turns the corner in the stats dept. The reason being is he’s small, doesn’t beat a jam and gets push off his routes by more physical defenders. Defenders have managed to take him out of the play too easily.

But you’d think we could scheme him open more.

There sere 2 girls that had DPJ Lions jersdys on at the Minny game. DPJ came out and signed their jerseys. They were pretty close behind the team bench, he must have seen them there during the game. He’s the only player that came out, everyone else was celebrating. He went back pretty quick too.


I think that belongs to Josh Reynolds. It’s some ridiculous stat about how 95% of his catches are either for first downs or TDs. But I don’t disagree with your point either.


I look at Josh Reynolds and have to remember he had time with Goff in LA…. DPJ hasn’t even had six games and in December he producing when called upon

Love em both but it never it not cool to have our players BH picks up work

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I’m pretty sure I know what you’re trying to say here, but could you try it again for me please kind sir lol

I think he was brought in more as an insurance policy. If Saint or LaPorta are down that is 12 targets that have to be absorbed somewhere. With those 2 taking 24 targets a game there is not much left to go around. I’d like to see us bring DPJ back as a 3rd WR for next year. It may be hard to convince him there will be targets going his way. I would prefer him over Reynolds but I’m not sure Goff thinks the same.

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Would you mind explaining to me why DPJ comes in a few weeks ago and you now prefer him moving forward over Josh who has been a rock for Goff for 2.5 years. I’m genuinely curious.

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Seems to me that Leaf’s route tree looks a lot like ARSB’s. He catches a lot of balls at a standstill, facing Goff, giving him little chance to face his defenders and use his speed. As often as possible, he needs to be catching balls while in motion, facing forward: screens, slants, digs, posts…

DPJ is more explosive after the catch. Reynolds has been good this year but he has been less than durable for his career. If the money was the same I would take DPJ.

It’s only been seven weeks since we picked him up: https://www.si.com/nfl/lions/news/first-week-big-for-lions-donovan-peoples-jones

Scratch one week for just learning where the showers are: six weeks and he starting to get a few….

I hope we can keep both Josh and this guy…

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You didn’t ask me, but he has looked really good in just a few catches he has. Big, powerful and fast. Catches with his hands and is ready to turn and rumble. He looks like he has more upside to me than Kalif or Josh Reynolds.

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