Our TE room and 13 and 23 personnel

What you just described is going to drive defensive coordinators crazy, you see the Lions in a TE heavy personnel on the field so you want to have a 3rd linebacker on the field. Then we motion Gibbs and LaPorta out wide. And if they try to defend us with only 2 linebackers on the field, then we run the ball down their throats! Monty and Gibbs together on the field is going to cause a lot of problems as well.

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Zylstra runs a 4.6 - ish, his team-mate O-lineman ran the 5.0 at their pro day.

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That would appear to make sense, but I too have seen 5.0 Forty cited for Zylstra.


Someone screwed up recording his time and then other sources have been citing bad data. That’s the only way I can view it.


You have to remember they can keep third QB on roster he doesn’t count. Also there is only one cut down day So when that day comes every team will have to be at 53 So imagine possible 37 players from each team hitting waver wire same time. You guys can do the math.

We will be able to glance an maybe find the one or two we might need. I know some will not be on wire an those are ones we may look at to improve depth an experienced.

Dan loves Cabinda. Cabinda is one of our core special teasers. He is very likely to make the final roster.

I’m sure they love him, but it’s a business in which winning is what the brass is paid to do. And, they apparently didn’t love him enough to guarantee any of his 2m salary this year when they resigned him a year ago.

I have to think Holmes will find an upgrade for the roster spot and a better way to spend the 2m. Nothing against Cabinda, but he took a UDFA’s job when he came into the league and now it’s someone else’s turn.

Again, though, I could be wrong.

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Whaaaaa? Extra money for that?

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Special teaser cracked me up. Got to love a funny typo.

I do think cabinda is a Dan dude and they will try to keep him. It ends up as roster economics at some point when your team talent improves that those guys are harder to hold on to.

It’s a toss up to me at this point if we carry him or not.


Jamo is the special teaser.


Just reminds me of something you would get from Hungry Howies.

ETA besides diarrhea

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Teams have tried it and defenses combat it with a big nickel or a heavy defense.

The problem is that a package like this favors the defense because a big defense is better at stopping the run.

You have to have speed and shiftiness to spread a defense out and be able to effectively run.

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If they go big then I think those TEs and our RBs will feast in the pass game.

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I personally would lose no sleep over letting Cabinda go. He seems like a fantastic human being, but I have not seen him make a noticeable impact much since he has been here.

With that said, Dan absolutely loves this guy.

Look, I’m a Cabinda fan because I know what the guy is,” Campbell said during his training camp in Detroit. “Shoot, I said this the first day I ever talked to you guys and I got this job, ‘Give me a guy that I know exactly what he is, what he can do, what he’s about, how he works, how he processes information and I’ll go to war with those guys any day.’ That’s what Cabinda is to me and to this team. He’s a young and improving player, for that position in particular, that I think there’s a lot of meat on the bone and I know what he’s going to be able to do on special teams. I think he can play some fullback. I think he might be able to do a little H-back. He’s one I’ve been impressed with. I kind of like the tape from last year, but he’s even more than I thought.”

He would go and play linebacker and hit the (bleep) out of you,” former Lions offensive lineman Graham Glasgow said, when asked who was most difficult to face in practice during his Detroit years. “Like I think he aggravated Frank (Ragnow’s) brain one day or whatever, and Frank ended up getting a concussion the following week.

“Dude, I can understand why (Cabinda is a coaches’ favorite) because absolutely just doesn’t care. He’ll just hit whatever. Like whatever is there, he’ll just hit it.”

Well, nothing he has done says that he can do more than block at FB and “Hell no” to HB. His special teams numbers don’t really point to him being special there either. In 2022 he had 1 carry for 4 yards, 2 drops on 4 targets and 1 catch for 5 yards. In 91 snaps on special teams I believe he had like 2 tackles. Brock Wright had the 2nd highest drop rate at 12.5% and his run and pass blocking were both sub par as well. He’s been a “feel good” story but exactly the kind of position we should be looking at upgrading. Don’t think so? Wright had a PFF grade of 54, Zylstra had a PFF grade of 59.2.

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