Packers lose LT for the rest of the year

Just seen that on another page he got hurt at practice and is done it’s a knee injury.As mich as I never want to see anyone get hurt I cant help but think maybe this is karma for all those BS calls they get.

The replacement doesn’t have to play by the rules so he will look like an all pro.


Just like the starter, bro. Hearing Bachtiari’s (sp?) causes me to immediately have to manage my anger. LOL

While I laugh at it, there’s definitely a lot of truth to it.

All he has to do is snap his head back when a defender has a hold of his shoulder pads and he’ll get a hands to the face penalty and a first down…

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Big loss for the Packers heading into the playoffs.

No worries. If the offense struggles the refs will just call illegal contact on 3rd down to keep the drive going.


Wagner will move to LT and look all

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And for as long the list of Quinn mistakes is, moving on from Reiff and Wagner will never register as something I’ll be critical of, nor will moving on from Glasgow. Now, spending money on Lang and Vaitai… that’s another story. :poop:

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I won’t wish an injury on any player.

But if any player ever had negative karma stored up and waiting to happen, it’s this, "throw my head back to get fake hands-to-the-face penalties’ weasel.

Saw him do that again to another team last week.

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I’d share that footage with officials, before games.
If he didn’t play for GB, it wouldn’t work anyway.

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I’ll be critical of the Wagner move because we’re paying Wagner more to not play for us than GB is paying him to pay for them. Then we paid big bucks for Vaitai. Cutting Wagner created a hole they didn’t need to make yet. It tied up A LOT OF FA money that could have been used else where. Then on top of all this Wagner looks like a probowl RT for GB and Vaitai can’t beat out a PS player.

Then realize just how bad the right side of our OL was this year and it’s easy to see how poorly BQ executed here.


After watching them pretty closely the last couple of years, moving on from Wagner was prudent. I do not fault him for moving on, numbers be damned. Who he chose to invest in as a replacement was obviously a huge mistake. It’s that mistake that makes moving on from Wagner also appear to be a mistake.

That said, IF Wagner truly looks pro-bowl caliber, then we obviously had/have problems in coaching as well. (Davidson and Fraley)

We all know why he looks better in Green Bay and its not coaching.

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