Packers Media Throws Shade at Lions' Draft Selections

Packers Media Throws Shade at Lions' Draft Selections.

This excerpt:
“…They drafted Sione Vaki, the safety from Utah. If I’m not mistaken, they announced him as a running back,” Bukowski said. "I hope they let him play running back, that would be hilarious.”

Be careful what you ask for. Vaki is not afraid of laying the mahogany, er… wood!


He will see our running backs…and if he’s a true packer fan, he will not think it is hilarious at all.

Gibby is still evolving - might be the best in the NFL in just his second year.

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42 carries 7.5 YPC 2TDS
11 Rec. 18.5 YPR 3TDs

Total Offenses 63 Plays 9.8 YPP 5 TDS

Only 1 kick return to the 16yrd line.

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Guess we will find out in the fall.

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New kickoff rule will favor player who can force missed tackles. There was a hilarious statline here about him doing that before.


Two things:

1:) he’s actually not all that harsh
2:) I’ve realized that if you’re on a Locked on podcast you don’t know what you are talking about. It’s pretty clearl that he’s clueless about Vaki.

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It will be Hilarious…

Hilarious watching the tears of Packers fan stream down flooding the sidelines at Lambeau field…

Oh Peckers fans…you do what you do over there and keep me the hell out of it cuz…
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“Ain’t Nobody Wanna See That Shit !”

We are definitely in their heads.

Wouldn’t it be fun to drown the GreenBay draft next year in silver and blue?


With the 32nd Pick in the NFL 2025 Draft the Detroit Lions select…

My guess is this is where the arrogance of BH started from too.
They’re but hurt that Brad sniped Terrion ahead of them.

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After giving up the 32nd pick and a 2026 third-rounder to Atlanta, the Detroit Lions leapfrog Green Bay again to select A BIG STAR with the 26th pick of the 2025 draft…

Jamo, Branch, Arnold…they are butthurt. When Vaki takes a kickoff to the house against them, they will be even more butthurt.

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Looking forward to 2026 when…

Manu is a better O-lineman than Morgan

Vaki has more rushing TD’s than anyone on Green Bay’s team.

I like the way you think and all…but how did the Falcons get the 26th draft spot, did they trade down w/ someone?

I would be a Packers fan but I’m not into dudes!

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I watched that on the pod cast.

I was not surprised by his comments because he was certainly trying to poke holes in our draft.

I do think you can question the Manu pick and how it went down. I actually want to see how BroMart comes out this year before I decide what I think of this pick. It was a physical-traits pick much like BroMart last season. I am not going to get too worked up over the price.

The Vaki pick sure looks like a special-teams ace pick to me. I have heard that Vaki isn’t an NFL safety because he is “avoidable” but he will lay you out if you don’t get out of the way. The fact that we announced him as a RB is telling in my opinion. I suspect we are ready for the new kickoff rules and he is part of it. I think he also will be the RB4 with no FB this year.

It is easy to throw shade when you seek to find flaws. But I think he is hyper focused on a one-year time period. Manu isn’t going to be that first year hit I don’t think. Personally I don’t care what this guy says as long as we kick Packer a$$ this year on the field.

& wiring - perfect moldable clay…greater chance of success than just a “physical traits pick”. We are very good at developing talent too, so it’s not the same if some scrub organization did it.

I’m 100% with ya here. I think he will be trained a little differently than Gibby was. He will play the Gibby role if Gibbs can’t play a game or 2. I wonder if they train him more with the WRs than how they started Gibbs out? Get him most familiar with the side of it first? I think he will have some of his own plays that there is no scout film on, so when he comes in, it increases his chances of success.