Packers sign Xavier McKinney

Safety from Giants.

Four year deal with $68m.

That’s a ton of money for a safety.


It is but he’s damn near elite and very young. Good signing IMO.


Yeah a little pricey but it fills one of their major needs with a good player. Don’t hate it for them.

You got to spend to win.

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Way too much for a safety unless you’re getting Ed Reed, Troy Polamalu, etc. Just my $.02.

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Do you think Bad Holmes agrees?

Nope! That’s why I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jacobs and/or Vildor back. Kinda 3 or 4 tier guys.

Doesn’t seem like it. To make money you have to spend . Same thing as sports.

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Grassi is going to be insufferable over this. :laughing:

Reed and Polamalu cost half of that!!! LOL