Panthers Seahawks

I get the game isn’t over but this is Geno’s line …

We shit the bed. We got beat by an inferior QB and an inferior team.

We got it together today but a reminder we haven’t arrived.


I’ll add that this is who Geno has been dating back to the midpoint of last season.

He’s not a good QB. Never was.


backing up homer simpson GIF

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If Chark can play the rest of the season, he’s someone Id like to target again in the offseason.

I think he signed a 1 year deal. Could be 2 years. If it’s the latter, disregard my post :slight_smile:

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Really don’t want to hear about a possible tie breaker down the road. No, not mentioned here, but my spidey senses gave me that first thought.

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The tie breaker only mayters if we dont win the division. I have very little interest in what that means this year, this team needs to win the division.

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I really don’t want a postseason game in Seattle, either.

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If we win the division and the Seahawks win their division, there is a potential tie breaker scenario for who is seeded higher.

Yeah, and from that point on he went 12-13 for 143 and a TD. Finished with a 87.5 rating.

But you keep going on about how “inferior” he is.

It seems the meteor I was rooting for never made impact.

That situation, seems unlikely considering SF etc but i would take a seeding issue over a get sent home issue like last year

We don’t play the 49ers this year. Which means if we are in a tie with them, the first tie breaker is our record in NFC games. Which again means the Seattle loss can factor into a tie breaker, even if we win the division.

Seattle still has to get through their own division first. The cardinals have played well through the first 3 weeks. The rams are tougher than expected and the 49ers are the 49ers.

Every NFC opponent matters. Its the first tie breaker in playoff scenarios after head to head.

I would gladly lay $2k on the Cardinals NOT competing for the division. They have lost to 2 of the worst teams in the league. It was a nice win against the Cowboys, but the real gameplanning hasn’t even started yet. They are starting backup level players, which means as the season goes on and they need to play backups…those guys will be 3rd stringers. And when they have to put 3rd stringers on the field, those guys will be players who don’t normally make an NFL roster.

Yes there is always the potential for it to play into some tiebreaker some how in the future, so could the win over the falcons or if we beat the packers next week. Cant we ever just say the lions need to take care of their own business and stop worrying about tiebreakers that may or may not come into play? I mean at this point i certainly wouldnt be thinking about how a seeding tiebreaker between us and the 49ers would work out. Seems like there may be 14 more games to play before we know how that will work out…