Panthers trade Bridgewater to Broncos

Am I crazy, or does this help Detroit a ton because now teams know they have to trade ahead of Carolina for a QB?

Edit: Totally forgot about Darnold

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I mean, they still have Darnold. That doesn’t change much IMO.

Tom Pelissero


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The #Panthers are trading QB Teddy Bridgewater to the #Broncos for a sixth-round draft pick, per source.

Right it’s possible all this action could see the QBs fall.

They really really didn’t want Bridgewater.

The Broncos might have just traded for literally the only QB that might not be able to beat out Drew Lock for the starting job.

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Wow I totally forgot about Darnold.

New Denver GM George Paton was part of the team that originally drafted Bridgewater in Minnesota No. 32 overall in 2014.

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Bronco’s are shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic.


I see this as teams setting themselves up to not be desperate for a QB. QB still in play for them but less likely to overpay to trade up. Not great for Detroit.

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And, they still have both PJ Walker, who beat the Lions in his only start, and former 2019 3d Rd pick Grier from Georgia.

To me, this just signals, along with Darnold, that teams 8 and 9 don’t think a QB they want will be there.

Is it because of Detroit? I think maybe. Either Detroit is trading the pick to a QB needy team or taking a QB themselves. Of course, there is ATL too. But if the 49ers take Mac Jones that means even if a team trades up to 4 there will be Lance or Fields left possibly at 7.

Broncos gave up on a QB falling because they know Lions are going to snatch the last one

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This is the weirdest draft ever…

…and it hasn’t even started.

I haven’t a clue of what is about to happen tomorrow night.


If Bridgewater changes your draft strategy on taking a top of round one QB, you’ve got issues.

Sorry, I think it’s a backup plan at an extremely low cost.


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I agree, but it might be an acknowledgement that they don’t think they’ll get one.

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I can see that, but watching Cowherd, he’s even saying the Broncos are out of the QB conversation just because they got Bridgewater.

Right. It’s a short term rental.

The restructure of Bridgewater’s deal eliminates the final year and $21 million of his contract in 2022, Mike Klis of 9News reports.

Broncos General Manager George Paton issued a statement to go with the announcement that confirmed that the Broncos will pit Bridgewater and Drew Lock in a competition for the starting job. The Broncos could add another participant to the mix during this week’s draft.