Parris Campbell WR - Thoughts on this guy?

He’s got the last name for the Motown Maniacs Fighting Dan Campbells.

Former 2nd round pick, move around a lot with different QBs last few years in INDY.

Is he an option to replace DJ Chark if we can’t get it done?

I personally don’t think he’s a fit. More of a slot guy. But I wouldn’t be mad if he was brought in.

I asked about him, but no one comment

He’s a completely different player than Chark. He’s basically a Jameson-lite that can’t stay healthy.

Unless he’s fundamentally changed since college in his playstyle.

As what? A gadget guy? Sure. I’ve never liked jim as a dowmfield threat. He’s got speed for days but I don’t like his ball skills.


He’s Mecole Hardman with durability issues

That’s a much better comp. I was just thinking of guys we have on our roster for what position he’d play, because he’s definitely not DJ Chark.

Yeah but Hardman is a deep threat. I do see some similarities to Paris though.

Parris is definitely a deep threat because of his speed, but he’s not exactly a great receiver.

Urban just was obsessed with attempting to recreate Percy Harvin and so he saw Campbell’s speed and needed him on the field.

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If we signed Paris for 2.75m and we got him a few special packages to manufacture him
Touches in space then I’m down

I want some of what he’s having!

Damn I seen you commented on this I was wondering if it was gonna be good or bad regarding this WR suggestion …turns out our buddy is just hammered lol I’ll take one as well

I remember paris coming out speed… but i have not heard his name since draft day. Same with andy Isabella. I assumed they busted. A lot of speed guys struggle when their lack of football skills show up

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