Paschal back in the mix


He’s a guy a was really excited to see progress this season. At the bare minimum, he needs to stay healthy the rest of the year to get some snaps/experience.


Good to see. He was instrumental in that win week one. His burst through the line on third down for anTFL stopped a drive


That play was awesome. I’m really hoping he can stay healthy, he seems like he could be a Comminsky-esque type of player on the DL.

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So he’s got 21 days to be activated. I wonder if we will see him before the bye.


What I was wondering. Anybody know where they are at with the 53?

This is huge. Feel like w most on the line save hutch and mcniel their close to their ceiling EXCEPT pascal…so much untapped potential.


Out for the game unfortunately

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They will have room when they move Mosley and Knight to IR

I’m excited to see him back!

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I agree, I like having Paschal rotating in. Gives them options and keeps them fresh.


I like the guy. I just hope he can stay healthy.

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Nice to see that we are building to the future. The future being later this year!

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agree. Seems like there’s some guys who just stay healthy like Suh and Sewell. Then there’s other guys who are constantly hurt like Hand and dare we say, Paschal

Paschal reminds me of Iffy… both studs on the RAS sheet…but both don’t play often.

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The difference is that with all things being equal Paschal will get on the field more due to the postion group and rotation. I hope he can eventually shake off the injury bug because we’re a better team when he’s part of that rotation.


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