Paschal eager to return


Hopefully we will see him Sunday

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Next weeks article:

Paschal re-aggravates his groin injury during 11 on 11 drills. Says Pschal, “It’s disappointing. I felt I was really getting into the flow of practice and felt a twinge. It’s just one of those things. I’ve got to be smart about it and stay mentally prepared”

October 28 article:

Paschal is placed on season ending IR. “It’s frustrating” Says Pachal. “I really want to be out there and help the team. All I can do now is try and stay as involved as possible, focus on rehabbing my body 100% and come back next year

March 2023 article:

Josh Paschal, the Lions 2022 second year draft pick says he is ready for the season. “I feel great” says Paschal interviewed from the campus gym in Kentucky. “I haven’t felt physically this good since my first year in college. I’ve taken up Muay Thai as well and found the hand fighting techniques are similar to some of the fundamentals taught to defensive lineman

August 2023 article:

Josh Pascal the Lions 2022 second round draft pick sidelined with groin pull. Says coach Dan Campbell “It’s nothing significant hopefully. Josh has a little bit of a groin and ankle. We are just going to take it day by day”

August 2023 article:

Lions second round curse continues? Paschal to start the season in short term IR with a groin pull and high ankle sprain along with CB Eli Ricks, the Lions 2023 second round pick who hurt his back on practice last week and tore his ACL reaching for a Wendy’s frosty while driving his SUV



Uhh, Josh…you watching the same sh*t we are?

#30 rush yards allowed
#32 yards per carry
#32 rushing TD’s allowed
#31 rushing 1st downs allowed

“I feel like for myself, I’ll be able to help with the pass rush, gap, all of that,” Paschal said. “These guys have done a great job so far, these guys up front stopping the runs in the middle and between the tackles. And I’ve been able to learn from that. Coach Wash has done a great job teaching those guys, just got to learn from them.


He’s not wrong. The runs between the tackles haven’t been bad. It’s all the runs off tackle and outside that have gashed us the most. If we can clean those up our run defense will go from historically awful to just bad. Maybe even not that bad.


Yes - off tackle/outside has been the weakest spot but Sea gashed us plenty inside of the tackles as well. You’re right about it being worse, but I think it’s a stretch to say they’ve been “strong” inside the tackles.

Going to pull up the Sea game now and take a look to confirm. Maybe my memory is off.

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No way! He has barely practiced.
Game 8 at the soonest.


Strong isn’t a word I’d use to describe our defense in any area. Less than horrific is how I’d describe our interior run defense.


:rofl: :beers:

Same page.

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Yeah. He’s not playing after only a week of practice. Being the first football he’s played in a year he’ll need time to get into football shape.


Yep. Sorry read the article wrong,

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Well what’s he supposed to say?

“Yeah my teammates suck ass, so it’ll be really important for me to get out there to hopefully do my part to fix the current shitshow that is our defense.”


Ok, so I went back and watched the SEA offense. I’ve got it as:

SEA Runs Inside the Tackles:

  • 12 runs <5 yds/loss
  • 7 runs >5 yds - (1 for 18 yds, 1 for 40 yards/TD on 3rd and long, 1 for 42 yd td on 3rd and 5)
  • 7 Geno Smith runs that were technically between the tackles for gains >5, but I don’t really count these

SEA Runs Outside the Tackles:

  • 1 runs <5yds
  • 6 runs for >5 yds

So I do see the top stat there where the Lions held SEA to under 5 yards inside the tackles 12 times. Most of them were for 0 gain or even a loss which is pretty good. The ones that killed us were those 3rd downs where Penny took them to the house.

  • Side note - Bootlegs to the TE’s all day long were ridiculous. Good god…
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Yeah, I get it. I wouldn’t want him to say anything else either. Still though…Just saying that was a tough line for me to swallow after last week’s performance. Hoping Paschal can help and a few tweaks to the scheme can fix things up enough to start winning some of these.

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Yea we were sold out to rush the passer on those, and they completely outsmarted us with those calls. If we just run a zone defense in those 3rd and forevers, Penny gets 5-7 yards instead of house calls, and it’s 4th down.


He would immediately become my favorite player

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Paschal has more to offer against the run than Harris.

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STOP!!! This shit gonna come true!!!


Can anyone here remember a Lions defense that could consistently stop 8-yard passes to tight ends? I can’t.

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I don’t put the 36 yard touchdown run on the interior defensive line. That one falls squarely on glenn and that zero blitz with nobody up the middle.