Pat McAfee Does It Again - Review of the *Sofi*ght

Lions relevance I swear.

  1. Makes fun of the guy in the Goff jersey throwing butt shots.
  2. Makes fun of the most hated lady in America and calls her the Gasoline to Dan Campbell’s fire speech.
  3. Very end Pat does a pretty good MC/DC impression. You can feel the love.

Laughed hard at this one


Those are some pretty good MC/DC impressions.

Stan Kroenke builds a $5 billion stadium… and then gets a bunch people in there that act like what I might see at the county fair!!! (have not been to it in about 25 years… so just going of memory as a kid).

corn dog GIF by MIRAMAX

I hear more contempt than anything. If there’s love, it’s really for the content he provides.

fight at Rams Preseason…hope Stafford is alright lol

McAfee loves MCDC.

He’s got a cohost that hates the Lions though. I think he’s a Bears fan? Something like that. That dude HATES the Lions and he chimed in regarding clock management which I’m guessing is the contempt you’re hearing.

Positive that McAfee loves Dan Campbell though.

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who hates the lions? I mean really? hate the packers…vikings…sure. The lions? we haven’t scared anyone like since…ever.

I mean we are really nobodys hated rival. No one. Not even in our own division.

That guy is just the opposite. He’s a Lions fan so he’s bitter and jaded just like most of us are.


He’s a lifelong Lions fan so he talks like us. Which at times sounds like we hate the team. :rofl:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Really!?!? For some reason I was thinking he was a Bears or Packers fan or something. I’ve only caught the show a few times in full and thought that’s what it was. I may be mistaken though.

If that’s the case that’s pretty funny lol. No one hates the Lions more than Lions fans I guess!

Ok that makes more sense. And really I guess the only people who could really hate any team would be someone who loves them to their core.

Man, that was some fight!..all instigated by some old bag throwing a pop at the dude.

The guy wearing the Goff shirt has no place being in a real fight without purses to swing at each other, he needs to go sit with the women…I mean, he limp-wristed punched a dude in the butt. Time to hand over your man-card for life!

He’s a Williamston HS and Michigan State graduate

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McAfee is from MSU?
Wiki says he’s from West Virginia and went to college at West Virginia.

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Why the hell call out Jaded and myself here?



This dude was the biggest Dan Campbell proponent you can find, when Dan was first announced. There’s zero contempt for him, I promise you. this guy is a massive fan of the Dan!


Pat McAfee has always been onboard with the MCDC train. He’s a big fan.

Just to clarify, the Pat McAfee Show has both sides of the coin though. Ty, one of the cohosts, is a Packers fan but in my experience he doesn’t say much about the Lions. And then there is Foxy, their video guy, who is a giant Lions fan and generally is sipping the kool-aid every year.


Lol loved it! Great stuff!

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I don’t watch a lot of the talk shows, but McAfee personality is built to do an entertaining show. I follow his show on twitter and watch some of the clips, don’t have time to watch everything. Always entertaining.


His Dad used to be in the paint finishing business in Indy so we got to know each other very well. Pat came out to one of his vendor days and I got to hang with him for quite awhile in a very small atmosphere. Great dude. He’s a Pittsburgh kid and played his college ball at WV.