Pat McAfee on MCDC (Motor City Dan Campbell)

These guys are as stoked as most of us are. I think a lot of you guys will like this if you get a chance to watch.

(Need to rewind to the very beginning. There’s a solid 20-30 minutes all on MCDC - Motor City Dan Campbell)


I’ll just add what I had in a similar thread. Your’s is better set up. :sunglasses:


I love the “we have time for 5 more questions” part :joy: :joy: :joy:


McAfee has a great personality, always a good listen. Can’t listen to his whole show, but he posts 1-2 minute clips on twitter that are fun to watch.


Ugh… one of the guys on the show brought up something that is now bound to happen. The Lions on Hard Knocks.

That may be good television, but I doubt it will be good for the team.


new coaches are exempt

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You don’t want to see the lions on hard knocks?

Man, id love that.

Not sure if it was Pat that came up with it, but I really love Motor City Dan Campbell (MCDC) as a nickname. I sure hope he lives up to it.


Me too. Thought that was pretty cool as well.

I don’t think that’s a hard and fast rule. It’s a way a team can get out of it, but if they want us and we agree…it’ll happen

Wasn’t the Raiders on in Chucky’s 1st year back with them??

“They drafted Matthew Stafford (who’s gone by the way)”

Sounds like they’re reading the tea leaves

I’m not sure. I think it’d be cool to watch, but I would not want the distraction.

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Pat McAfee show is incredible. For real insight probably not much so. For a show that keeps it real, has fun absolutely

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Pretty sure those were jokes, I know the Penei pass was. In one breath MCDC says he didn’t know that Ben called the play and in the next breath he says he (MCDC) made sure to let Goff know to make sure that Penei stays in bounds.

This is MCDC making himself look like a meathead while spotlighting Fipp and Ben Johnson.


he was totally joking…Jesus


But he did ask Shiela if he could bring a real Lion into practice, didn’t he?

How can you not want to play for this guy? I’m so happy this is happening within my lifetime. I won’t get to use my jokes about living to be 150 to see the Lions in the Super Bowl for much longer…


Dan Campbell is fine w everyone thinking he is a meathead. I’ve always been a fan and thought he would succeed based on his intangibles. HK’s confirmed what I was assuming. Dude is really really smart…