Pat McAfee tells Austin Collie story

Okay, I got bored and saw this on youtube. For anyone who doesn’t know, Pat McAfee was a punter with the Colts. He’s a funny dude. In this clip he’s talking about Austin Collie trying to 1 hand a ball back when Peyton Manning was the QB, and Jim Caldwell was the HC. He’s loosely bringing the story back to Thursday’s game, when on 4th down in the endzone Jimmy Graham tried to 1 hand the catch when he clearly had the opportunity to get 2 hands on the ball.

I can’t tell you guys what to do, but I think the 5 minutes this takes is worth the price of admission (5 minutes of your life).


Cool story.

Is this as cringy as McAfee usually is? Because I legitimately can’t stand the guy, but will tolerate it if the story is THAT good.

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great story

That was stellar! I love stories like this describing the game within the game.

I couldn’t agree more!! McAfee is the worst… but he is good here.

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Agreed. Usually can’t stand him, especially if he is calling a game. Sounds like a low end pro wrestling commentator. This was good… funny story for sure.

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I thought he was pretty awesome calling the detroit/green bay game end of last year, especially when prater threw the TD.