Pat McAfee's breakdown of Dan Campbell (worth watching)

He calls out the national media. And probably some of us.

What Pat failed to mention, though should have, is how HE reacted to Dan Campbell’s press conference:


Campbell’s introductory press conference was different than anything I had ever seen. I fully expected the same head coach rhetoric that we always got.

I immediately wanted to run through a wall for the guy.


And didn’t McAfee recently, last month, blast Detroit pretty good?
It’s all about clicks and views.


I love Dan Campbell but there was definitely a tinge of Rod Marinelli in that introductory press conference. Glad he isn’t the same guy. Totally different head coach.

I remember Dan went on his show and Pat could not give him enough credit. After that weeks game, which the Lions lost, McAfee totally changed his tune about Dan Campbell. It was bad enough to where I wondered if Dan would ever go on his show again. He was basically questioning of Dan was going to keep his job.

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Kinda funny. Yesterday, when I was defending Joy Taylor, the Max Kellerman rant was the first video I posted:

Starts at about 23:00

I loved that opening presser.
I loved him saying “you’ve had enough of that shit”

There were some, even here, calling him a meathead. To me it was obvious that if, nothing else, he was going to be focused on doing it “his way.”

An excellent leader who knows exactly what he’s doing.

Folks have to recognize Shiela for getting the right people to help her make the right decisions.

Campbell and Holmes — unbelievably well done.

A winning culture starts at the top — Shiela is doing a heck of a job.


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There is NOBODY in the national media with us, except for the GMF group. Pat and his band of nits have bagged on Campbell along with the rest of the country.

Detroit gets Detroit. Detroit loved that introductory speech. That press conference resonated for nobody outside of Detroit and its fans. And you know what? They still don’t get it, Pat included.


Nah - some of the guys in here overreact to a non-committal statement that was actually a question. Pat flipped earlier once & apologize though.

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amazing stuff - Dan …the Goat!

It’s good stuff and worth watching.

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He wasn’t the only one. Sheila felt the need to come out and make a statement that she had full faith in Dan, Brad and the process. I think Pat is about as authentic a guy as you could get. He calls balls and strikes and was then.


I never saw that as a reality. Getting fired in year 2 of a 6 year deal? And he had to start from ground zero?

It was never realistic to me. I dont discount Pat as a good guy. Sometimes he talks without thinking. I do not watch his show any longer, though (and not because of this). So…


Seidel: Freep: Dan Campbell is teaching Detroit Lions how to be winning franchise

Seidel: Yahoo: Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell is a talented motivator, but his best trait is teaching

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