Patricia not retained by the Eagles

“He’ll be a top DC candidate”

Too bad because I was enjoying the meltdown of the Eagles but only took them 1/2 a season to realize the issues with Patricia

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Please in GB.


That was a typo.

He meant to say that Patricia will be “a top diabetes candidate.”


You don’t say !

Who in their right mind would hire Patricia to be DC? At best he’s the administrator to the assistant to the assistant in the long snapper room.

As I see it, he’s failed as a DC, he’s failed as an HC and he’s failed as an OC…only thing left is GM!

Someone get that man to the combine!

I too wish the Eagles had retained him. Perhaps the Bears? :laughing:

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Hey, aren’t the Patriots looking for a GM? Lol

No Way Wow GIF by Sacramento Kings

He’d be a top candidate to land with Belichick if he does in fact go to the Falcons. He’s going to want as many of his guys as he can bring with him.


Hey LaFleur, he’s an upgrade from Joe Barry.

(Laughs to self)

But didn’t he make the greatest defensive call in Super bowl history?

Color me shocked.:rofl:

Will probably follow Bill to ATL

The only thing I would hire Patricia to do is…goalpost.

Darn. I would have given him a new 5 year deal

Whichever agent Ian was doing a solid for here, I hope he gets a huge scoop in return. Including that little bit was clearly a business decision by the reporter, nobody’s buying that!

Top DC candidate?

Dog catcher?
Debt collector?
Dealer / croupier?
Dairy cow?
Comedy villain in the DC cinematic universe?

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