Patricia vs. Campbell

After the story about MCDC doing up downs came out, I couldn’t help but think of this image. I think it tells the whole difference between the two

Also, does anyone else see similarities between Dan Campbell and George W Bush? They share some Texan mannerisms, accents, and the ability to make up new words.


I’m disappointed. I thought they would be footage of an octagon match.


Octagon would be one outcome.

The dohyo would be another


Cage match for sure!

You asked for it!


I learned so much today. Thank you for sharing, DD!

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Yup, thats Patricia sitting on top of the gatorade stand.

Stellar photoshoppery there.
It’s almost as if you just pasted a raw pic of fatricia’s face onto another pic of a sumo wrestler and called it good. Gives it a late 90’s vibe. Nice work.

Would Campbell beat Patricia in a twenty yard dash? What if the finish line was a buffet?

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Patricia would probably cheat and stab DC with his stupid pencil.

Knife Stab GIF by #1 For Hip Hop, HOT 97

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Patricia couldn’t even beat MC/DC driving the cart.

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