Patrick Laine *

Sorry, @WinnipegFan – I just have to ask.

What’s going on with him? Is it REALLY the Fortnite?

This guy goes down a rabbit hole and crunches some numbers, and it’s a convincing argument, IMO.

Holy crap.

Sidenote: just noticed James Neal is on pace for 8 goals this year. Flames are on the hook for almost $6M AAV for what, 5 more years?


Hey Seattle – meet your future third line Center! Hopefully your future GM Ken Holland helps you get a decent pick out of it.

I almost want to see Lucic & Neal on the same line.

Had to pass this one on.

That tie is the 90s. The only way it could get more 90s would be if Clinton was wearing it while trying to convince us he didn’t get a BJ, with the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire theme song playing in the background.

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For the record, Laine is killing me.

We better beat the shit out of Colorado tonight.

Well, you certainly beat the shit out of Vegas, so there’s that.

He’s baaaaack…

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