Patrick Mahomes feels "embarrassed" after loss to Lions


I thought this was a fine take. He didn’t rip on the Lions at all. Just that he is embarrassed every time they lose, and he is focused on the current season (rather than last season’s super bowl).

Honestly, he seems pretty likable. He is brutal to play against though…


It’s definitely brutal having to beat him and the refs.


Yup! Allowing Mahomes 1-2 extra seconds 10 plus times while Taylor started each snap full set up in the backfield before the snap, and when Hutu beat him anyway he held.

Should have been 4/5 holding calls and at least 8-10 false starts. Not subjective, but blatant.

They had no issue being concise enough to catch that
Goff delay of game within a split second. Amazing they could catch that, but not Taylor back peddling 2 steps before the snap constantly.


More fuel. I told my buddy Ken… mahommes was looking is the arrogant is Rogers over there on the sidelines. I was so thankful that we stopped him.

Andy Reid wasn’t arrogant about it… Mahomes is arrogance will cost him. If he doesn’t change his attitude, he won’t have the right mindset to beat us.

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Plus the minus yardage they took away from us not calling the false starts, illegal formation, and holding!
This was not a close game! KC should have been at 4th and 40 5 times.
The only reason they scored at all is because of the officiating!
As Goodell watched!:stopwatch:

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People! I know its our reflex to gripe about refs after a game, but that reflex came from LOSING so painfully.

WE WON. We Won. Let’s talk about what winners talk about:

  1. Our team and Fans traveling to beat the SB Champs in their house!
  2. Detroit’s F’ing Fearlessness led by our hulking HC!
  3. Clutch play of the D in 4th Q when Mahomes got the ball back with 2mins down by just 1pt.
  4. Hutch owning whatever OL they put on him.
  5. Goff Brimming with confidence before, during, and after the game!
  6. Rookies who balled out!
  7. The Sea of Blue.
  8. A fake punt inside our own 20 to let folks know we aren’t the least bit scared.
  9. The BNL Lions EXCEEDED national expectations in primetime
  10. And our players were NOT satisfied with their play!

You know, freakin’ winner stuff!


So, just let blatant cheating go unnoticed?
Nope. That’s not how I’m wired.


Yes, I can only imagine how it to lose to “that” team. Maybe Aaron will invite Patrick to join him on his next darkness retreat…


I have to defend Patrick for a second. The reporter has set him up to look like he said something that he didn’t say. I will use a random example of the trick the reporter used.

Step 1 - Team loses…and it rained

Step 2 - Write article on how rain impacted the outcome of the game

Step 3 - Ask QB if rain played a factor in the game, QB says something like “its always a factor, but both teams had to play in the same conditions. No excuses.”

Step 4 - HEADLINE “QB blames rain for loss.” Insert “was a factor” as a direct quote without context into the already written article.

Step 5 - Profit.

Thats essentially what happened here.


I knew that…before the last commercial , Mahomes was smirking like it was already over with their win. After the game he wasn’t smiling no he was rapping to a team mate over what happened during the game.

Mahomes now is what Aaron was 10 - 15 years ago except with more rings.

Then again Reid >>>> McCarthy

Embarrassed probably because he was so arrogant about going for it on those 4th and 20/25s

ROFL, you guys are funny.

It’s like no one ever saw Lane Johnson play. Or Tunsil. Or Trent Williams.

Then again, i sounded very similar back when the Pats were King of the Mountain, so i guess it just comes around.

Pat’s just pissed. he made some mistakes with his decision-making, and also his processing, and it cost the team. This stuff has cropped up a couple times before. As before, he’ll get that squared away and he’ll get back to being himself.

After reviewing the A-22 a couple times, it’s clear that the WRs also sped up their processes, and forced Pat to speed up his progressions at times. And that definitely needs fixing. Just have to wait and see how long that takes. My guess before TC was about Week 10 or so.

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Pat’s biggest “mistake” was hitting Toney right in the hands….

If he’s embarrassed now, imagine how bad he’s going to feel after we beat him twice in the same season.

Go back and watch the entire interview in context. I will help out by using the direct quotes cited in the article. This was a setup job by the writer with a little bit of clickbait going on.

The reporter asked “How embarrassing is it to lose on the night that you unveil your Super Bowl banner on national TV.” Mahomes did the appropriate thing and deflected, saying “It’s embarrassing for me to lose any time. So any time I lose, I’m embarrassed. So I’m going to try to get better so I don’t lose more as the season goes on.”

The journalist asked, “Were you embarrassed by the loss?” He said, “I’m embarrassed any time we lose.” He wasn’t crapping on Detroit and ‘embarrassed’ was someone else’s word to which he simply responded.

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It’s just a matter of time before our fanbase becomes entitled and smugly acclimated to the mountain top. It turns out we’re human too…
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I watch them play all the time. I’ve never seen them consistently align that way. The false start issue? Whatever. The alignment was blatant. Listened to Whitworth talk about it and he shrugged off the false starts but was shocked that the line judges didn’t get the alignment fixed early in the game. Said it’s quite common for tackles to try and push the envelope only to quickly experience pushback from the line judges.

Anyways, good luck to your team. Will undoubtedly be a fun year for your fan base. Hope to see you guys again :crossed_fingers: