Patrick Queen to the Steelers

That should intensify the rivalry with Baltimore

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Wow. That defense was already good. What it be like to have a good defense

Too bad their offense was often outscored by their defense… or so it seems


Queen is overrated imo, but this is a good landing spot.

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To me the Steelers feel rudderless without Colbert.

Possibly but it’s a little too early to tell imo. The Picket pick is coloring our pov (and the Dotson trade doesn’t look all that great either in retrospect). But the Claypool trade was great, and JPJ looks like a keeper.

Meanwhile, the Steelers fans are looking at us and saying “What’s it like to have a good offense?”

No kidding.

Signing with the team rival. Seeing that a lot recently

I’m more so referring to their path/approach. Like who watched the Steelers last year and thought, “if they could just add a speedy 14m off ball LBer they’d be cooking”?

He’d be a great fit on the inside on the Steelers of yore, but I don’t know that they still run that sort of D. Maybe? I know their edge players are still 3-4 OLBs at least.

It does seem as though leaning into the defense is their strategy, which, whatever. I don’t think it will work in today’s day and age, but it’s an approach.

WILB and Nickle guy. Won’t leave the field and will be great for them IMO.

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It’s a good landing spot for sure. I didn’t think he was that great in Baltimore, but he did improve quite a bit once McDonald got there.

Also when Roquan got there. Before that he was pretty much a disappointment.

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