Patriots By How Many?

Patriots By…13. That’s my wild ass guess.

Jared Dubin: Patriots 30, Rams 26
Ryan Wilson: Patriots 34, Rams 24
John Breech: Rams 30, Patriots 27
Sean Wagner-McGough: Patriots 34, Rams 24
Tom Fornelli: Patriots 27, Rams 21

Pats 32 Rams 30

Pats 37 Rams 34

…and hopefully Suh gets ejected for a dirty hit…

Nobody guessed this!

God this game blows so far.

And what a choke job by Goff.


The hype was awesome, though.

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Apparently Suh ran off the field as soon as clocks hit zero.

Figures …

Anyway, this was the worst Super Bowl I’ve seen in my life.

He’s always been in it for the paycheck and nothing else… but I’ve seen worse Superbowls… some of the blowouts like 90, 93, or 95 come to mind, but there was a lot of time for alcohol down range too…

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Defense held the Patriots (27.3ppg) to 13 points (although I’d add 3 points because Patriots FG kicker missed). I’d say the Rams defense did their jobs.

3 points for the whole game. It’s not like the Rams offense did their jobs… (although I’d add +3 and blame special teams for the FG miss)

I’ll give you LA +9, I’ll take the Pats to win by ten or more.

Rams offense looked very different as the absence of Kupp extended. He is their Edelman/Tate…The Great Separator. Don’t give Goff an easy first look and he is not ready to make things happen.

So, short field quickness. Go find a slot guy with it and a little shimmy, Quinn.

Per Timmy Fitz at the South Point: one bettor put $250 on the Rams to score exactly 3 points at 400/1. @VSiNLive. How's that for a cool $100K?

— Mitch Moss (@MitchMossRadio) February 4, 2019

What an awesome drunk bet.