Pats and chief clinching wk 11 or 12?!

With two divisions now having 4-0 and 0-4 teams, both leaders, pats and chiefs can mathematically clinch as early as week 12 at this pace?!

I am trying to find what is the earliest a team ever clinched before… like the pats maybe when they went 16-0

Since the NFL went to a sixteen-game regular season schedule in 1978…

Bears (1985)
49ers (1997)
Eagles (2004)
Patriots (2007)

All clinched their division on the weekend of the 11th game of the season


Pat’s division sucks. Bills may contend, but i don’t see them winning more then 9. So I say 12.


So, if anyone clinched in the tenth week… that’s a record early clinch!’

Each combined win for the pay and a loss for thier divisional foes moves them quicker to clinching…

Miami and jets keep losing and the pats stay undefeated … the sooner they clinch. They could become a division title winner before clinching a WC stop at this point! Normally you first clinch aWC and then division… as noted, thier sucks so bad right now… pats can win it first!