Patterson vs Romo Kicker battle

As disappointing as the Mosely news is, love the Jacobs news.

Kid has welcomed every new DB signed in the offseason with the motto it would make him better and wanted the competition. He hasn’t doubted himself and if he succeeds that is a great story as you know nothing is given from this staff.

Edit: with exception of Alex A of course total screw job the staff on that one.

Sutton, Moesely, Mccain connection

Mccain gone

Moesely close?

Wow not looking good for our outside CB roster

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I’ve heard he has a quiet confidence to himself this year……jacobs……that’s important. Growing up. Dude is a kid. Young.

Malarkey. And not the Mike kind.

Joey Bosa Video GIF

So, just to be clear, this is coming from your source?

I know he’s not starting the season but he’s a legit NFL corner far more proven than Jacobs and has played at a much higher level than Jacobs on a SB contender so I just assumed that he’s the starter when he’s ready to return unless his play falls off heavily from what it has been when he was last healthy. I like Jacobs especially the attitude but there’s no question that Moseley is the better player. It can be argued that he might even be better than Sutton.

He’s the better player if he is available…at least based on history I would agree with this, but, we don’t know where Jacobs can grow to as well.

Campbell never seems to talk about the two as being equal with their accuracy. He talks about Romo needing work controlling his kicks.

If the decision were being made today, I’d put money on them rolling with Patterson.

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I click on this thread expecting some info on the kickers, and then find out Moseley might be cut before ever playing for the Lions!? WTF?

That sucks. Ass.

Well, rules are rules and there’s a good reason they want them working onsite only at this point.

However, it should be noted he was trying to get better, not screwing around. I think he should get a mulligan unless there’s something more to it. Perhaps he’s a bit of a knucklehead and that’s part of why SF let him go and he came here so cheap?

Just hope he gets fully healthy and makes a nice contribution this season.

From yesterday. Sounds promising.

Moseley noted, “I don’t want to go deeper into kind of what happened or whatever, but just know right now I’m feeling pretty good. I’m really, really excited where I’m at right now and I’ll be out there soon.”


:arrow_forward: Riley Patterson remains the clear leader for the kicking job. The teams worked on both field goals and kickoffs, and he was the only one to kick for the Lions, making 7 of 8 field goals, with his lone miss sailing wide left from 51 yards out. He compensated for that one with makes from 48, 52 and 53 yards.

It is increasingly obvious that Patterson has improved his leg strength. That showed up on kickoffs, when he was putting excellent hang time on his efforts, with several carrying well into the end zone. — JR


All those years the Lions sucked … were expected to suck … even good years … the Lions had epic steady PK play.
I just hope we have a kicker that doesn’t make me hold my breath every kick.

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He only has $2M guaranteed:

Moseley is this years DJ Chark

Guess we shouldn’t expect too much

Well, if he can come be a major contributor late in the season that would be a good thing, or bad depending on why he is playing more. So, maybe never mind that thought

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