Patterson vs Romo Kicker battle

I will not be surprised if we keep both on the 53 man roster. Especially after last season when we tried to sneak Riley on the P.S. and it didn’t work out.

LOL no way no how.
Unless they can put him on the practice squad.
With only 53 man roster I do not see how you can do that. Only so much room and I would rather see 3QBs than 2 kickers

At the cost of what position group? I don’t think Riley makes the cut……two cents.

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DB because of our flexibility with Branch, Harris, CGJ

Maybe a guy like Iffy gets cut?

Or maybe we only run with 3 outside CB while Moesely is on PUP and put the UDFA kids on PS for call up

  1. Mosley is in deep shit, almost got cut outright recently. Can’t depend on him right now.
  2. iffy could get cut. Strong chance. Doesn’t LOVE football. Doesn’t watch football. Plays football bc he is athletically gifted. He could retire tomorrow and never watch another game….it plays a part in his role. Passion is low apparently.

It would be surprising I would. Definitely a strut your shit moment if they did do that brother.

da baby GIF

E Mosley is in deep shit? I hadn’t heard anything about this type of thing with Mosley. Made me wonder whether you just typed the wrong name.


The rumor that is out there is team wasn’t happy w HOW he got reinjured and needed a procedure done recently……there were people in the building who were LIVID w him. One high ranking official had to be talked off the ledge from cutting him outright.

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^^ wow I hadn’t heard this

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Need some receipts on that Mosely thing.


What’s the source of this rumor? Seems really far fetched and something that would have been leaked you’d think.

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Tbh, considering how there was no leaks on tye suspensions

Our FO with Holmes has been able to keep a lid on things when they want to, wouldnt shock me that it hasnt leaked yet

it’s not far fetched
In certain areas and groups of the NFL people are aware of the situation. Why do you think you SHOULD have heard about it?

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For my curiosity

On a scale of 1 to 10 how, bad/stupid was his reinjury situation

Because it’s a big deal especially the way you’re describing “LIVID”. He’s their starting corner and a legit corner when healthy. You would think that something as big as this would have caught wind by now and made it public.

So I’m curious. What’s the source? Is it your inside source or something else. Not doubting you, just curious.


Yeah. As they are both ties in FG accuracy, Romo kicks deeper on kick-offs.

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Trying to parse this, why would they be livid about how he reinjured himself?

Was he goofing around, or making some kind of cheap or dangerous play on a teammate?

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Trade Romo to Dallas

It’s an assumption that he is the starter. People are sleeping on Jacobs.

He isn’t going to be ready when season starts.

The team official was Dan.

The information is coming from 4 different sources. Two media and two inside the building.

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Worked out off site, told not to, did it anyways, got hurt. Nearly got cut for it. Still not out of the woods. People aren’t happy w him.

Only thing that matters is he has reinjured himself, we all know that, he had a procedure done, that was known as well….now there is a little insight into what exactly happened. Worked out against officials directions and Dan wanted to cut him as a result bc it set his timetable back and put the team in a bind.