Pay Kenny G now

This has got to be at the top of Quinn’s to-do list. Now that the complainers are gone, it’s time to start paying your own first. Build team morale. Get this turnaround in full swing.


Yes, priority #1.


100% agree!

Just don’t pay him as much as Cooper and I’m in!


Agreed. Gotta lock up your best players that have been productive and healthy. Even if you think you can replace them in the draft.


It’s going to be a huge deal when it happens. Fans are going to have sticker shock, no doubt. But when Glasgow gets $26 million guaranteed (could be worth as much as $44m), it’s going to be a lot to swallow. Can see why Quinn let GG go, gonna need that cheddar for Kenny and Decker.

He’s probably looking at Cooper money (60/100). But the Stafford to Kenny connection is what will make the Lions offense elite, it if can be.

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Coopers contract is actually great for Dallas. In 2 years they can get out of the deal with only $6,$4 and $2 million dead cap each year. Golladay is also older than Cooper and not as good. He won’t get the same AAV is Cooper. Lions need to be careful with this contract. Most don’t realize how old Golladay actually is. He will probably start declining as his new deal kicks in.


He’ll be 27 when his new deal kicks in and has a lot less tread on his tires than Cooper does so I don’t see why he would decline sooner, they’re only a year and a half apart and Cooper has been in the league longer.

I don’t think he and Cooper are too far off either. Golladay has back to back 1000+ yard seasons and 16 TDs in the last 2 years. He’s going to get paid close to Cooper money I’d think and the man deserves it, he’s a beast. I think some people are going to be upset at his new contract. He’s a star.

I didn’t know he was already 26. Good to know for sure.

I think I’m cool paying a WR into his early 30’s, but definitely not beyond that.

I still think he’s worth extending if a fair deal for both sides can be reached.

This. It’s going to be the biggest deal they’ve given a player since Stafford.

He’s 1.5 years older than Cooper. The biggest difference between them on that score is conditioning first and genetics second. I think for the first 3 years on the deal you’re expecting elite production, with a fall-off after that. Eventually, say the last 2 years, he becomes more like a savvy possession receiver.

I’d lock him up for an extra 5 years and get it done. The cap will grow and it will be a reasonable deal on the back end. I don’t think Quinn will structure it like Dallas did, that’s ballsy. Eats a shit ton of cap over the next two years. They are clearly all-in and have yet to pay Dak. I just don’t believe in Jerry at the end of the day. Just me.

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Different regime somewhat but did we learn anything by paying Calvin top of market money? Certainly if anyone was worth it, he was, but is KG in that same category? IMO he is not and never will be but he’ll need to get paid and I hope he doesn’t have Slay’s attitude or perception of his own (inflated) worth.

Good call. Also helps me to understand why they drafted a WR in rd 1.

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CJ took a shit ton of abuse over the first half of his career. Kenny G’s body is way younger. And he’s just peaking now. I get your point, but it’s going to be huge money. Hopefully they can work a win-win. The alternative is the tag game, which rarely ends well for teams. I think there is also value in rewarding guys who produce and stay healthy. At some point the Lions have to build a better reputation for how they handle players not named Stafford.

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Yes. Pay him. We have tons of cap space so give him a long-term deal frontloaded to hell with minimal guarantee.


I don’t know why I have a feeling watching Golladay walk away is going to be Quinn’s next big misstep.

damn I hope not, I will be even madder that I was losing Tate…that’s saying something, I really enjoyed the trio of Tate , Golladay and Amendola-or MJ

Calvin Johnson’s top of the market and what the top market is now isn’t comparable.

Calvin was on the old rookie wage scale.

He signed a 8 year deal for 16.5 per year under a 120 million dollar cap.

Calvin would still have one of the biggest contracts in the NFL today and he signed it 8 years ago.

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We’re looking at a 4 year, $60-65 million contract… I don’t worry about his skills declining anytime soon, he’s not a great athlete, good, but not great and his game isn’t predicated on speed, so that shouldn’t be an issue if he loses a half step.

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Cooper is 26 in June and 26 year old Golladay is 27 in November. I think that is about 7 months apart.