Pay Kenny G

The Lions Brass should be racing to get a deal done and get Kenny G locked down as Golladay turned in another great game against Atlanta.




Absolutely. How much do you think that should be?

Or maybe they are trying, or maybe he doesn’t want to sign with us.


I’d guess he’ll be asking for 20mil a year. We gonna do that?
Franchise him once. Although he’ll just hold out. Tough situation here.

If he’s asking for $20 million/year, you politely decline and slap the tag on him


Cole Beasley had 114 yards receiving yesterday.


Yeah, the tag will be cheaper than 20 million so there’s really no reason…unless you want to lock him up longterm and not let him walk…<cough, Suh,cough>


Take this for what it’s worth but…

I heard a rumor a couple weeks ago (I was not able to verify it) but the rumor is that the Lions offered KG 4 years at 64 mil with 32 Mil guaranteed. That’s roughly 16 mil a year and that puts him around the 10th highest paid at WR. KG rejected it and is asking for 110.5M at 5 years and is looking for 60 mil guaranteed. That’s 22.1mil a year… basically… He wants a contract that is above Julio Jones. Which would make him the second highest paid WR behind Hopkins who is making an insane 27mil a year average. However Hopkins deal is only a 2 year deal. What KG is asking for is the largest contract ever handed out to a WR in NFL history. Now mind you this may not be what he really expects to get and this could just be a negotiation tactic to raise the Lions offer.

WR contracts have escalated in recent years and most people think it’s going to taper off and fewer teams are willing to pay the escalating costs.

Add in Covid and the belief that the cap could be 20 mil lower in 2021 and I think a lot of GM’s are going to be tagging WR’s and working on the deal after the new cap figures are out. I doubt KG’s contract gets done before the end of the season. Unless the NFL releases next years cap numbers.

In 2020 the cost to tag a WR was 18.5 mil in 2021 it should be closer to 21.2 mil. Which shows

Personally I’d tag KG and look to FA next year to find a younger player to replace M. Jones. Someone like Allen Robinson, Sammy Watkins, or Chris Godwin. If I land a guy like that then I’d trade KG and look to the draft to add another WR.

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This is inaccurate… in 2020 the tag for a WR is $17,865,000… If the cap goes down or stays the same, the tag number will follow. In 2021, the tag number for WR will be about the same as 2020.

As far as someone to replace Marvin, I’d go hard after Juju… He’s not a true #1, but he’s a very high end #2 that can step up if someone like KG is injured. Unfortunately, he’s probably going to get around $15million/year and I’m not okay paying that.

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Sorry - This isn’t correct.

The average number is based off the top 5 contracts from that league year. So next years tag number is based off this years contracts and any new contracts that happen before the end of the league year. Which per is Jan 3rd. That’s before FA starts. Right now that number is 21.2. Also keep in mind let’s say a WR comes in and signs a lower contract. It won’t count as a top 5 contract.

Here’s an article that supports what I’m saying. It also supports the 2020 tag number I gave above.

From the above article.

Pos. Franchise tag Transition tag
QB $26,895,000 $24,373,000
DE $19,316,000 $16,338,000
WR $18,491,000 $15,926,000

— (A) the average of the five largest salaries in player contracts for that league year as of the end of the restricted free-agent signing period that league year

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I’m either tagging and trading or I’m paying Kenny.

I could be talked into giving him the Amari Cooper deal.

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Juju is the ultimate team player who can put up number 1 numbers when there is a dominate number 1. He is a Robin to someone’s Batman. He has struggled since AB has left. Great blocker, enthusiastic, team first and always wants to learn. The Steelers want to keep him and he wants to stay…the issue is as you have mentioned someone might be willing to offer him 15 million a year and no one should. The Steelers wouldn’t match that at that price tag. The receiving core this year is still very good and deep for the Steelers and Juju is still struggling bc he still is getting number 1 attention for the most part and can’t get open like he could when the defense was worrying about bell and AB. He also sucks at separation. So I guess he would fit right in w our wr room lol. I personally love JuJu…would love to see him here…not at 15 a year though.

Just realized i was sounding know it all…didn’t mean to…it’s all of sports talk radio here in Pittsburgh…wanted to share it.

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This next draft as @Air2theThrown has mentioned is sooo deep at receiver and I was listening to a scout podcast last night and the convo was about how polished these wr’s are coming out of college. They run crisp routes, understand complex route trees…it’s why you can take a wr these days and expect instant smooth transition…if KG wants 22 or anything close, I’d say no…no matter how much I love the guy…grab one or two maybe in FA if possible and get one or two in the draft…

This really is a tough call. If you look at the games we’ve won, it can definitely be argued that we would not have won any of them w/o KG.

Brutal to lose him, but if he’s forcing the hand that way…it is what it is.

I really like him as a personality/leader too. That ball he caught down the left sideline yesterday was flat out sick. People can say what they want, but normal WRs are not catching that ball. The 50/50 ball on the other sideline was pretty impressive too. I love the toughness he brings to the fight. That shit rubs off on other players.

Maybe he feels disrespected because we didn’t sign him a long time ago? Who knows what’s really going on?


The tag is so close to $20M that if you are going to tag him, you mind as well just pay him. You aren’t really saving money, and all you are really doing is pissing the man off (along with other people on the team who see his side of it).

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I love the Boldin edge he has…I want to keep him and 100% agree what you are saying…but damn…22 million? 60 guaranteed? 32 million guaranteed is life changing especially if you are smart w it…

Corey Davis. Same kind of guy as Marvin, though less of a track record…not a separator, but uses his body and size on sideline and contested throws well. Fits Stafford well, big guy to block downfield…let’s Hock and Cephus and whoever the new slot jitterbug will be the middle of the field.


That isn’t correct…

Buccaneers wide receiver Chris Godwin is a good example to illustrate this point. He will be a top franchise tag candidate in 2021 absent a new deal since he is in the final year of his rookie contract. The wide receiver franchise number is $17.865 million this year. With a $175 million salary cap, the 2021 wide receiver number projects to $15.681 million. That would be a little more than a 12 percent drop from this year. The wide receiver amount would be on par with the 2017 figure of $15.682 million when the salary cap was $167 million. The NFL and NFLPA agreeing to a freeze on franchise and transition numbers would be one way to prevent the decrease from happening.,percent%20drop%20from%20this%20year.

Franchise tag numbers per OTC

Franchise Tag Numbers

If you read your article, the numbers you referenced were projected based on a $200 million cap, they cap ended up being $198.2 million… so your numbers are a little off

It’s all about what’s best for the team long term, I don’t want to pay a premium for a receiver in this 30s… Just a business decision.