Pellet Grill/Smoker

Does anyone have suggestions on a good, but not break the bank Pellet grill/smoker?

Although it took my son’s encouragement, my wife finally approved and now very much appreciates my purchase of my Traeger 575…

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Love my Traeger, Timberline. Ran about $500 but that was probably 4 years ago.

I own a recteq 700 and love it. Highly recommend them but they’re not cheap.

I know several people with treagers.

I have a buddy with a victory and it seemed to cook really well for the money. I was thinking of getting one for my cabin up north.

Also have a traeger. Waited until I got one of the rare Home Depot 20% off coupons and bought it .

Family loves it. Easy to use and the wifi function is absolutely awesome.

Can still get a decent sear on a steak.

No complaints

Have a Traeger Ironwood 880. Love it and use it every week

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If Traeger is the choice, they are on sale at Costco right now.


I’m fond of my Silverbac from grilla grilles, equipped with Grille Grates. I smoke and grille with it. Fine, fine unit.

Fired up my Traeger today. Mondays are cooking day for me. Meat Mondays!

Pork belly, apple and mango stuffed pork loin rolls, a ribeye, chicken thighs and three racks of baby backs

Some peppers and veggies to boot