Penei Sewell the Best OT in the NFL | Film Breakdown | Detroit Lions


I’m shocked!


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I know Parsons is a stud and maybe a top 5 defensive playing the entire league, but if we had to go back and do it again I’d still take Penei. It’s crazy that he still younger than a good amount of rookies coming into the league and is already considering one of the best, I personally think he is the best, OLineman in the NFL, not just tackle.

As much as he loves football, he could easily play another 12 years. May go down as one of the best to EVER do it.

It’s nice to be able I say that and it not sound ridiculous.

I doubt Parsons has nearly as long a career, and I just love Penei the person/player so much more.

Thanks Brad for not ■■■■■■■ this one up.


Lions have
The best Center and Tackle in football.
Fallowed by pro bowler Tackle and RG.

This Oline is god tier.

And this is what the lions always needed. I remember from 2011-2014 lions had one of the oldest olines in football and they were trash

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We’ve been trying to tell ya, Natty. It’s about time you start coming around to the truth of it.


No question at all. I appreciate that Parsons can get to the Quarterback, but I appreciate more that he can’t ours. :slight_smile:


As good/great as we all have seen, we have yet to see his best. When he moves to LT, it will be another step forward with him.
In Panei’s rookie year both Natty and I have stated he will go down as GOAT. No reason to change that belief, more people now seeing this.

LOL - Love it!

correct breaking bad GIF

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He’s about to get the all-time largest contract in OL history, and rightfully so!


Me too for sure. And not just because of the play. But because Sewell is a much more class act. Parsons often comes across as a petulant whiner

Agreed. Brad has been very fortunate with how the draft has fallen for him. You think the Falcons would like to go back and take Jamarr Chase which would’ve left the Bengals taking Penei at that point to protect Burrow. I never considered Penei in the draft because I thought there was no way he’d be there. I was a Parsons guy, but I’m happier with Sewell no doubt.

And the next year we got Hutch when the Jags passed on him for a combine warrior. It always takes a bit of luck during a climb to the mountaintop.