People need to STOP with the Alan Williams speculation

Anyone and everyone here and on all social media platforms involved in perpetuating this rumor need to STFU about this until something concrete is released. Speculating about something like this based on a ■■■■■■■ twitter rumor is DISGUSTING. Regardless if this turns out to be true, you should all be banned from this site for life.

Show a tiny bit of humanity. If it is found to be a baseless rumor, exactly how does he erase this from his name. How about I find out who you are and start baseless rumors of similar context on social media platforms aimed at your profession, family and church? I do not give two ■■■■■ if it turns out to be true, the fact anyone spreads these rumors with ZERO proof is soulless, TRASH.

Ban me, I do not care.

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Never heard of any rumors but now I’m curious


I do give 2 ■■■■■ if it turns out to be true.

I understand these rumors can be brutal, especially if not true, and I’ve not said a word about it. But this is also a football board. People are gonna talk about anything related to the sport, moreso the division. No need to get this worked up over it.

I’m pretty sure these rumors started from some credible source. I hope they’re not true, because it’s disgusting


Can I still talk sh!t about Coach Sandusky?


Sounds very personal to you, have you been falsely accused of some crime in the past that has triggered you over this? I hadn’t even heard about anything and just looked and all I saw was he resigned and haven’t seen accusations of a crime. What has he been accused of?

Anyway, I agree with you that accusing someone of something with no proof is low. It just seems like you are triggered over it to the extreme, that’s why I ask.

Uhhhh…who Here is speculating?


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I believe the worst I heard in the other thread was (paraphrasing): “If it is what we all might think it is, then ■■■■ that guy.”

I think that’s more of a statement than a speculation. Sounds like the OP is ranting at social media but simultaneously taking it out on us. I didn’t even post in the other thread.

And I heard plenty of “not commenting til we know more” (which is how we usually roll here).

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Well, most of us…

Mr Rogers Reaction GIF by MOODMAN


Actually, that picture of Mr. Rogers channeling Richard Nixon is incredibly unsettling. My bad


Super confused, and curious as well, but not sure i really want to look it up now.

Dont know who he is, have no idea what he’s being accused of, have read no rumors, and havent seen it mentioned here in The Den at all. Well except for this thread now.

Who exactly is the OP ranting at?


Ok, so there’s a thread open.

It’s a particularly disturbing rumor, but not egregious, salacious or nasty in it’s flow of conversation…and its being reported that the Team is Not Saying Boo about why your DC just walks, which is Super Weird.

Health etc…yeah ok. Right from the We’re.Just Playing One Game At A Time playbook of non- answers…


So Jason, what you’re saying is that it’s perfectly okay to spread vicious horrific baseless rumors about people because its “a football board”? The fact it’s a football board excuses anything that resembles morality? That is just simply despicable and the rationale of a third grader.

Also, you go on to state that you are “pretty sure these rumors started from a credible source”. That reminds me of when my daughters were younger and there was a rumor that Justin Bieber had died going around the www. They were devastated, they were 8-10 years old, they had an excuse for believing what they read on the www.

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Bieber’s alive?



Yeah, I have been triggered but it was not me that was the victim of something similar. It was a very, very close friend of 30 plus years, by his ex wife, involving his children. He went to trial and was convicted but the child recanted and told the court there mother made them lie. He was released but his life was ruined, he was the VP of sales for a nationwide company but could never put it behind him, sadly, he took his own life at the age of 53. Such a horrible and hateful thing for a human to do to another human. So yes, when I see a situation where there is even a slight chance it’s a baseless rumor I react and I will not relent because it is disgusting behavior. So yea, anyone participating in this needs to take a look in the mirror and see if they actually have a soul.


Wow, that completely sucks. Sorry to hear.


Yeah, that’s terrible.

New rumor is that Williams resigned bc he found out he wouldn’t be able to coach a defense playing against Justin Fields trying to throw the ball. I can understand how that would be deflating.


Still got the voice of an angel last time I checked.

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(post deleted by author)

A lot of people not on this board. I mean he’s convicted and that’s fine, but he came out a little hot which he’s also entitled too, but as I said earlier he seems to be going after social media and us when I don’t think anyone has said anything aggressive or fought back. Just Den members letting another fellow Den member rant.


Here are a few examples from the thread:

-From what others are saying, it sounds like Williams is suspected of doing the worst possible thing you can do on the internet, very very serious stuff.

-WTF!? Child porn rumors? I sure hope this aint true.

-Yeah I don’t know if Nate and the mods want the literal description of what he had on his/their website.
Absolutely despicable. Lock this clown up for life+ (if it’s true of course)

-There are things worse then death, prison, for a person who hurts innocent children is one such thing. I hate wishing harm on anyone…i make exceptions for those who harm innocents.

-Such offenders typically don’t do too well in prison.

For anyone to promote a rumor they heard on social media that has not been substantiated is unequivocally wrong and they need to consider the damage they are potentially doing. Hinting, innuendo, speculation…anything along these lines is possibly creating irreparable damage to an innocent human being. Why would anyone feel the need to be so reckless about such a thing is mind boggling to me.