Did he play today? He’s not showing up on the stat sheet. The peoples are jonesing for DPJ

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Basically Trinity 2.0 :joy:

Yeah…. No. DPJ has proven production. DPJ is basically insurance for JAMO


I was wondering the same, I didn’t see him and don’t recall him being out on offense, definitely want to see the snap counts tomorrow

Of note I did see Rodriguez out there quite a bit at FB

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Remember he was injured last week.
Most of the Lions offense is timing routes. So its going to take him and goff a white to get use to eachother.

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Dude can you believe we wasted another 6th rd pick in two years? Just imagine who we could be drafting with that pick!

Haha Skipper you are clearly new here.


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He lead the team in the category of “having your name take up the entire back of your jersey”

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One does not simply walk into a Ben Johnson offense…

One Does Not Simply Lord Of The Rings GIF


100% man!

fairly confident I saw him on the field some.


One of a Goff’s interceptions was a target to DPJ


Yeah, that’s asking a lot, especially considering the offense he played in with the Browns.

I’m confident he’ll contribute soon.

ARSB and Laporta will continue to eat and then there’s what’s leftover for Reynolds, Jamo, Raymond and now DPJ. Not to mention Gibbs out of the backfield.

So, he won’t get a lot of targets, hopefully some key ones though. Good red zone target. Can stretch the field and get after 50/50 balls. Great addition for the playoff run.


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