Performance enhancers NFL & PEDs

From PFT on article about Favre quote on a podcast

Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre says his painkiller addiction was so severe during his MVP years with the Green Bay Packers that it easily could have killed him.

On an episode of his podcast, Favre said he started to abuse painkillers early in his career, as he tried to play through injuries.

If this is true , are pain killers a PED ? Allowing players to play better while injured because the pain doesn’t tell them to stop anymore ?

Where is the league on pain killers now ? Has much changed from Favre’s era ?
Thinking of Stafford playing through so much
Or even Calvin ( or most players probably )
What is use of pain killers in league now ?

We can guess Calvin used MJ to help cope but the NFL has pills as legal.

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The NFL drug use policy is hard to follow.
It’s like they’re in 1936 watching reefer madness

Even while half the owners probably on da kind

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I know everyone is different. But when I was using marijuana it was the best for killing my pain and relaxing me. The fact that marijuana is illegal but pain killers are legal is completely backwards to me.

Players should have the right to chose a more natural approach to killing pain over extremely addictive pharmaceuticals.

How come players like Calvin can smoke nearly everyday while in the league but players like Josh Gordon get busted? Is it a double standard or did Calvin just know how to pass a test?!


The dirty little secret Is probably most players know how to get away with it
Owners and coaches too

Making it an even stranger thing to have illegal while having a pain killer issue throughout the league.

If you owned the Lions would you really want Calvin missing games due to Pot ?
He was a first ballot hall of famer and seen as a class act great team mate …

It seems like Gordon’s issues run a little deeper though meth or Molly run through the system quicker … they can take a heavier toll on trying to keep your life together

Meanwhile alcohol is legal and promoted , also dulls pain and can be particularly harmful when paired with painkillers