Perhaps, Sheila Ford Hamp means the end of the "Same Old Lions"--no more "sacred cows"

I remember when Barry retired, there was some talk of the then Jimmy Johnson led Dolphins being interested in trading for him, but old man Ford said “no way.”

Apparently, the same thing happened with Calvin Johnson–Martha wouldn’t trade him:

The interview reveals that Johnson would have played elsewhere, meaning the injuries weren’t bad enough to force his retirement following the 2015 season. He just didn’t want to play for that Lions team under then-coach Jim Caldwell and a different management regime.

There were rampant rumors that the then-Oakland Raiders were a prime player for Johnson’s services if the Lions let him free. When Johnson was asked about that possibility, the Hall of Famer smiled and said, “Man, I would’ve went anywhere.”

Johnson let the team know he wasn’t going to play for the Lions anymore. When he asked them to release or trade him, they refused.

“We asked would they release me or let me go to another team,” said Johnson. “They wouldn’t.”

Maybe, the trade of Stafford means that the Lions new ownership finally realizes that there are no “sacred cows” and just because a player leaves, doesn’t lessen their legacy as a Lions player. After all, even all-time great players like Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, etc., all set the precedent otherwise.


This article makes sense…!

If we did keep MS, then how does our money look like?

Shiela broke the dysfunctional cycle and boom here we go!! :+1::crazy_face::heart::pray::upside_down_face:


I don’t understand the refusal to trade Megatron. We could have potentially got a 1st rounder for him, instead he retired and we got nothing, that’s just stupid management in my opinion. Everyone lost in that scenario including the fans.

So glad we were willing to trade Stafford and got a king’s ransom for him to boot!


Really love Matt’s game, but I do think we got a great haul for him. He’s got a lot of hard miles on his body. Goff is young, and the draft picks are younger. We will dramatically improve this roster next offseason.

Coaching is a massively big deal. Couple that with the fact that Holmes amplifies the impact of rooks (cuz he’s a competent, intelligent, professional, bald-headed, MF’r)! This team is going to do very well in the not so distant future.


Lmao. Throwing out the man’s key attributes I see. Honestly, he’s been here, what… 5 months? Can any of you imagine that man with hair? I damn sure can’t.

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That’s because we had Mr Smahrt guy running the team, the one and only incompetent Rod Wood. He’s to Sheila as Russ Thomas was to WCF.

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I’m always the one to call out the elephant in the room, and a person’s reasons for being awesome! :wink:

I also would much rather have made a quality trade. CJ deserved better.
What was our cap situation like his last year? I guess I’m asking @deadstroke, was it even a possibility?

CJ retired in 2016 and was due a base salary of $16M and we only had signing bonus amortization of slightly less than $5M allocated to 2017 (and nothing in 2018 or 2019). So when he retired in 2016, we saved $11M against the cap . . . so a trade before June 1 would have resulted in the same savings. A trade after June 1, would have resulted in a $16M savings in 2016 and a $5M dead cap hit in 2017.

Wood could not have handled the CJ situation any worse than he did. He wasn’t qualified to run an NFL team then and probably still isn’t. What the incompetent buffoon did was save the Lions $1M and alienate CJ. Well done Mr. Wood.

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Yeah, but that was Martha. Now we got Sheila, who is one BAMF.

I’m pretty sure this is Sheila, pretty big difference then Martha!

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This Sheila would have gotten 7 first rounders and 2 all pro hall of famers for CJ while saving cap money and providing additional resources to fight the crime of Detroit, all through her front office that is hidden by a waterfall…


For me, w/o removing Wood we remain the SOL. Imagine what we could have gotten for CJ, the only problem is that Quinn would have screwed that up too.


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And roundhouse kicked the snot out of anyone who got in her way…

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You seem to really hate wood alot. The guy seems like nothing more then a figure head.

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I agree, seems he hasn’t been a football decision maker.

To be fair, he makes an EXCELLENT patsy!

Everybody started crying out in pain because the tables have turned. Finally Detroit got the upper hand, SHEILA.

Some say she trained Chuck Norris - taught him everything he knows!

Pretty soon we’ll have SOE because everybody keeps getting OWNED by Detroit!


I believe that Wood now has a position where he can’t do any damage. We called it at work as “Falling Up”.

If he was only a figure head, that would be great, but he’s involved in the football side of things, despite having less experience with it than most on this forum.

He was involved:

  • Firing Mayhew
  • Firing Lewand
  • Hiring himself to replace Lewand
  • Hiring Ernie Accorsi
  • Hiring Quinn
  • Hiring Patrica
  • Handling of Calvin Johnson’s Signing bonus payback

He is the one most responsible for what has happened since 2015 and it’s second only to Millen. If he was a figure head (everything non-football), that would be fine, he wouldn’t be as incompetent.


He has even more power now than he did back then. So just make sure when we write Rod’s obituary we don’t stop at the end of the 2020 seaason.

And a little known secret is that before she trained Chuck Norris, she was trained by Kyle Pitts. The right answer is always Kyle Pitts.