Pete Prisco grades the Lions draft--prepared to be surprised, after giving the pick of Gibbs a "D"

Detroit Lions: A

Best Pick: I love the pick of tight end Sam LaPorta in the second round. He’s a playmaking tight end who can run like a receiver. Jared Goff will love him. The offense will be better with his skills.

Worst Pick: Can you like a player and not like the pick? That’s the way I see it with 12th overall pick Jamyr Gibbs. He is a running back who is more of an air back, but I still think he went too high. You don’t take backs that high.

The Skinny: The Lions and general manager Brad Holmes did some really good things over the weekend. They have positioned their roster for now and the future if third-round quarterback Hendon Hooker is good. I don’t like taking a back high, but Gibbs might be more than that. Watch out for third-round defensive tackle Brodric Martin. He is a power player inside. Nice job.


I like it more when people don’t like our draft .


Well, that’s been most drafts, and we’ve never won shit, so I’m happy to try a new approach and have drafts that people think are good


Just another dude that hates being wrong and refuses to acknowledge that his way isn’t the only way.
We got arguably the best RB in the draft, 1b at worst, 4 picks after RB1a.
I’d be interested to see his take on the Bijan pick? Is he consistent, or prejudice?


I sure hope Prisco is right on Goff loving LaPorta.

And I want to give credit to Moneyball Brad on that move. Traded Hock who was due close to 10 million next year. Now we got LaPorta on a 4 year deal worth likely less $$ than Hock will make next year alone. LaPorta is likely looking at 4 years for 9 million or so.


I am shocked at how many pundits are revising their drafts to loving what the lions did.

Part of it is that Holmes has established a good record of finding talent so if Holmes likes a guy (Martin), he must be decent.

When I was a college reporter, I’d interview high school kids about offers. As soon as they had an offer from a power 5 school, they instantly got 3 stars. If USC, or Alabama offered them, instant 4 stars. They didn’t even have to be seen by the Talent scout websites. Holmes is getting that kind of credit as well. If Holmes like a player, their draft score will start to increase by association.


So like a Miller Lite version of the Den then.

I’m pretty sure that if I had proposed Gibbs and Campbell in the first round a week before the draft, I would not have got the same kind of warm and fuzzy responses.


After day 1, the Lions didn’t pick who I mocked to them…booo hoooo what a terrible draft, I give them an F grade.

After the draft is over, the so called “experts” look at all the picks and say shit they did add quite a bit of talent overall. I’ll give it an A- overall. Please ignore everything I said less than 48 hours ago and repeat year after year. It’s also a clickbait industry, and these dudes have to grade 32 teams drafts almost instantly so I get it and just ignore them for the most part.

Now when they revisit drafts 2-3 years later and grade them that can be pretty interesting.

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I tell ya, it’s like he the 2nd coming of Ozzy Newsome !!!.. :rofl:


Let go of the hate Socko…just enjoy the ride.

And, LaPorta is unlikely to be a worse blocker than Hockenson and should be better in the YAC department.


Yea, been watching some LaPorta film after we drafted him. Dude can really move and get open. His QB in college was also terrible, the guy threw 55% completions and 5 TD’s in the entire season, LaPorta would have had much better stats if his QB could of hit the side of a barn, so with Goff throwing him the ball, could be a real weapon.

Also worth noting LaPorta was a WR in high school, Iowa moved him to TE. I think you will see him lined up all over the field.


That’s a common theme among those grading our draft. They all say if you take the players and rearrange them they’d give us a higher grade. It makes no sense beyond being stuck in the narrative of positional value above all else.

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I liked that teams knew he was their only option and he still got open consistently.


Oh you definitely wouldn’t have. You would have me and @Thats2 who are big positional value guys saying “AINTNOWAY” just because of what position they play.

But you’d also have a bunch of other people who didn’t like the picks for whatever reason, who suddenly love the picks because it’s what Brad did, all over you too.


Good point, with St. Brown, Gibbs and hopefully Jamo drawing most of the attention. LaPorta could be cooking over the middle.


He was not their only option. They have another TE Luke Lachey who is very good and the next in line of the Iowa TEs.

I was proposing Bijan and JSN.
Look at the chat thread when we took Gibbs. I’m the guy that said, “Hell yes!”
And, yeah. I was roundly bashed.
I had brought up Campbell at 18 about a month ago and was told that would never happen due to positional value “laws”.
A lot of those laws were broken in this draft because the top end talent and character, just was not there, and it was obvious.
Btw, I like Holmes picks better than mine.
Gibbs is faster, and has a better juke than Bijan.
JSN would not have been WR1 in many other draft classes. I was just reacting to the Jamo suspension.

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Hock was an overrated blocker coming out of Iowa. Everyone thought he was a three down TE, but it really wasn’t true. I had to chuckle at his intro press conference in Minny, when asked what the Vikings were getting, the first thing he said (with very bad body language, like he was lying) was that the Vikes are getting a three down TE. Just not true.

LaPorta is viewed as an ‘average blocker’. Some tape will show him getting bullied. But what LaPorta does, that Hock did not do, is he “gets in the way”. In other words, he usually takes the right angle. Sometimes it doesn’t look pretty, but if your assignment doesn’t get a clean shot at the ball carrier, you’ve done your job. Hock did not take good angles and seemed unaware of how the play was developing behind him.


If that is true, hats off to you my man. I was boxed into thinking he was a second round pick for sure, and was hoping we might trade up to the end of the first to snag him.

I was the same way in the first round thread - I was thrilled we took Campbell there, but it was the first time ever that I even considered that he could go there.

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