Pete Prisco's pre-game prediction--LOL

Detroit Lions at Philadelphia Eagles (-7)

The Eagles have a lot of key injuries to monitor in this one, but does it matter? The Lions haven’t lost yet, but this is a tough road game that will show who they are as a team. I think it shows the Eagles are much better.

Pick: Eagles 30, Lions 20

Yep, the Lions sure did.

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The Lions so far have proven a lot of people wrong (myself included) and I love it. Yesterday’s game was very enjoyable. They played very physical and I am liking how much they are airing it out. A long way to go and they need to be more aggressive in red zone and with the lead… but there is a lot to like.


Prisco is a douche who likes to hear himself talk , he’s a box score annalist who offers no insight and always picks the favorite.

How’s the action going ? I got hammered week one but bounced back big the last two weeks …You?