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11. Detroit 2-1-1 (May ranking: 27). The Lions’ last three weeks: Detroit 70, Chargers/Eagles/Chiefs 68. Imagine your opposing quarterbacks in this era of passer-rating-inflation have been Kyler Murray, Phillip Rivers, Carson Wentz and Patrick Mahomes, and you’ve held them to a composite (and stingy) 80.3 rating. They were a misguided Kerryon Johnson stretch-the-ball-for-the-goal-line dumb play from shocking the world Sunday. I don’t know if the Lions’ can play January football this season, because of their division and because, well, they’re the Lions, but I watched 75 percent of their game Sunday and they’re legit. With Matthew Stafford’s bum hip, it seems like a good time for the Detroit bye this week.


Kinda ironic that we lose, and honestly in pretty typical lions losing fashion (about to score instead the other team does) and we gain respect from all over the media world. We are playing the way I thought we would, hence my 11-5 or 12-4 prediction. I for one am happy we showed up but not satisfied. We SHOULD had won that game. No moral victory for me on this one. We’re close, now time to turn that corner and start wrecking people


The great teams like the Patriots always seem to win these types of games. Don’t get me wrong, I was proud of the way the Lions came back and battled all game long. They still made SOL mistakes but this seems like a team on the rise.

That being said, the 'same old Lions" would use this game as their Super Bowl and under-perform the following week. I hope they don’t spend the bye week celebrating this near win.

The run game looked improved but they were playing one of the worst run defenses in the league. Stafford has looked sharp as hell and needs to heal up. I’m excited the way Bevell is taking deep shots downfield. This is a welcome change from the Cooter/Caldwell era.

This team is still a work in progress with lots to clean up, but there is also lots to be happy about.


Peter King has it right. KJ keeps his wits and we win that game. I expect him to play like his hair is on fire @Lambeau.

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The best thing about the timing of this loss is that we have a bye next and then MNF against GB. There’s just no way to not be up for that game. It’s a prime time game against a divisional opponent. If we were to face the Redskins or something then I would be nervous of a let down or the team under performing. But with the bad taste left in their mouth from yesterday and two weeks to let it linger, I have a feeling this team comes out firing on all cylinders on the 14th.

2 biggest bonehead moves, extending the ball with tons of time and on first down and hurdling!

Clean those up now… And keep practicing short range jabs on small target moving objects!


Like to have seen our FB on that short yardage play.


Timing couldn’t be better. We have two weeks plus a extra day to rest, heal and prepare.

Hope they are ready to get it done. They have to be

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Right toward the end of the game the camera went on Patricia.
He had a fierce scowl on his face. That loss was hard to swallow for hi and the players are going to feel exactly the same.
These guys want to win.


I thought the telling part was right after that when they panned to Martha in her suite and she was in a fit of rage and broke her cane over BQs head.

It was brutal…I hope I never see a woman that pissed off again

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I hope we come out and stick to it GB. Haven’t lost to them in awhile and I’d love to jam em up At lambeau

Hi Sarge been a long time since I’ve seen you welcome back !!

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I would have loved to see better clock management at the end of the game.

Anyone feel like they scored too fast?

I would have loved for them to eat up more time not giving the KC offense a chance.

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Ideal world…yea.

Real world…you take it when you can. Coach gets cute and holds his team back like “Don’t score yet” and they end up not scoring…coach gets crucified


I have no problem with the offense scoring that fast. I do think that we should’ve played more aggressive defense in the two minute. Leave the deep shots vulnerable. If they scored 40 seconds earlier I think we might have won that game.

But we’re splitting hairs here to be honest

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Gotta agree.


Welcome aboard Mufasa!

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I am interested to see how the Lions play against the Bears and Vikings defenses (and even GB’s). Those games are going to dictate if the Lions are post season contenders or just pretenders.
That Bears defense is no joke for sure.


I guess you got to look at the entire situation. How was the defense performing at the end of the game? How long were they on the field in the 2nd half? Were they tired? KC’s high powered offense would also have to be considered.