Peter Skoronrski pick 18

I’ve been a big OCyrus Torrence guy since he came to the SEC this last year but we haven’t discussed Skoronski.

Most of y’all wanna take a converted tackle later in the draft and put him at Guard…

Well what about this dude?

He won Orland Pace big ten OL of the year in recent company of Scherff, Jake Long, Lindebaum, Taylor Decker, Taylor Lewan, Bulaga, Steinbach, Wirfs etc

Is he that non sexy pick at 18 that’s a 10 year stud for us? Could be the guy that switches over to LT when Decker declines?


Decker wants to play another decade here. That being said i am always down with more OL and DL picks in the first round.


I have my doubts he will be there at 18.


Me too, but he’s only 6’4 does that hurt his cause for getting drafted Top 15?


I posted in another thread where I feel like this is where good teams pass on a shiny RB in the 1st like Bijan and instead go with an o lineman such as O Cyrus at pick 18 or Skoronski and then grab a RB in the later rounds. But I get the hype, Bijan is really good. However, I feel like RBs are a product of their oline. Well…unless your Barry Sanders.


I don’t know man… from what I remember about Egyptian lore, Osiris took the thrown from Amun-Ra. We could be in for a real battle and split locker roon, if he’s drafted. :smile:


Love this

What teams are you basing this on?

We all know Amon-Ra catches, not throws.

Feel he will be long gone by that time.

I have O Cyrus at 18 on my mock . You will have a strong OL for years. I like that RB but past says you can get a RB later who can carry the rock .

I would take him at 18 unless he moves at combine like his feet are cement. I saw a U tube of him head up with Carter an it was good both had there good plays I think was fair to say a push.

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I posted this in another thread: “This won’t go over too well but if possible, trade with Carolina, take Peter Skoronski at 9 then the best CB at 1B. All ‘D’ in the 2nd.”


We’re going Carter @6 …OG @18 …Gibby w/2a… CB with 2b

You’re welcome!
:facepunch: :sunglasses:

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If Carter is there, then take him but I think he’ll be gone. If that’s the case, then:

1B-Christian Gonzalez
2A-Mazi Smith
2B-Jack Campbell

I wont’ think he’ll be there either.

maaaaannn… you’re not gonna let me have Gibby?

In my scenario, we trade with Carolina getting #9 plus a 2nd. They get our #6. You can have him in the 2nd.

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Thanks brother!

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I would absolutely hate the Skoronski pick at 6. I just don’t think it makes a lot of sense. At 18 though is a lot more understandable. He would be a solid value there and if he winds up being a guard only, 18 isn’t unreasonable to take a guard.

Welcome aboard @coyote12

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@Tucker I think we split offense and defense round 1 like last year, then hit D heavy Day 2 & Day 3.

Trading down is always ideal, Carolina is ideal

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