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Titled ‘worst face mask in the history of the NFL’

Likely didn’t intend to do that but must be more careful. 35 should be fined IMO.

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I’m sure he has a big fine coming. Probably a Stern earning, too!

I don’t think Miles did it on purpose. When you are trying to tackle, your trying to grab a hold of anything especially at NFL speed.

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Most of the game the Lions got favourable calls from the officials
I can recall only one bad call, multiple favourable calls
That should have been 15 yards period
How on earth does that not get called?
No doubt Philly fans are pissed at the officiating

Yeah …NO .


He will be fined, no doubt about it.

NFL karma evening out.

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They still owe us 2 more like this to make up for the fake face mask they called on us vs Erin and his fudgies

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I was pretty pissed about that against the eagles. He really could have paralyzed the guy.

I realize it wasn’t intentional at all, i was more mad they didn’t throw a flag.

for us or against us, that was inexcusable and kind of a statement on officiating. I mean it’s not like it happened in a scrum, everyone in the stadium saw it.

The only thing I can think of is that they thought he didn’t have the mask and the helmet just kind of popped off? except for almost turning that eagle into an owl.

I’ve seen a few guys get away with facemask but that was one of the worst ones I’ve seen go uncalled.

The one the Seahawks got away with (pictured above) really pisses me off. What’s worse is that wasn’t even the first time a receiver grabbed our DBs facemask with one hand while catching a TD pass with the other hand. Dez Bryant did it a few weeks prior. He actually grabbed the guys facemask and then rode it all the way to the endzone.

Killabrew knew what he was grabbing he has eyes and a brain and knows the difference between helmet and jersey. the only thing I can think of is ‘maybe’ his fingers got caught in the facemask and he couldn’t just let go.

Yeah, I’m sure that’s what it was. Oopsie!

In terms of impact on the game, it about same field position effect as the bogus offside kickoff penalty. They wipe each other out.

But yeah, no idea how that does not getting called. Bizarre, first because of the flag happy league of today. And second, since when do the Lions get calls like that??

I thought there were a few plays where Stafford was hit and pushed to the ground after throwing the ball that went uncalled.
Rodgers would have gotten the call most likely.

I was shocked to see us get several of the offensive pass interference calls that went against the Eagles. They were legit but we don’t normally get the benefit of those calls. Hell, as we were talking about in another thread the receivers can rip our guys by the facemask and it doesn’t get called.

And definitely Tom Brady.

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Maybe we’re the new darlings?

Yep …That was a playoff game , and what really burned the shit out of me was how it was 1) Not ignored , the Ref under the Goal Post threw a flag as soon as he saw it and then huddled up with the other Refs after the play and no mention was made of it …and how it was ignored by Collinsworth , he was busy blowing Wilson and Richardson on the incredible play and made no mention of it , even when Berman tried to bring it up and when Stafford was on camera on the sideline making a Face Mask gesture …these plays in the Playoffs are what makes me get my tinfoil hat out .

Oh yes, Collinsworth pretending it didn’t happen definitely brings my tinfoil hat out. No doubt.

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